cleansing chakras with angel energy
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Be YOUR Beauty

Announcing ... Be Your Beauty ~ The 3 Keys to a Life of Beauty ~ Tuesday, September 10th at 7:00pm Eastern. An Angel Messenger Event brought to you by guest speaker Giovana, M.A. of and hosted by Rev. Sheri.
cleansing chakras with angel energy
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Rare Astrological Event - Star of David - Monday, July 29th

This is a lot of energy and a very rare event! It is a Heavenly opportunity!
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Finding Your Soulmate After 50

I remember how hard dating was when I first started after my divorce. I was CLUELESS! I did the dumbest things and found myself getting nowhere with men. Then after 10 years…and a lot of research along with tons of bad dates and a lot of tears from frustration, I figured out what it took and I started dating the best guys and ended up in a great relationship with a Quality Man.
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Free Meditation Extended to July 21st

It has been recently brought to my attention that some of you may not have realized there was more to the free Spiritual Awakening meditation event than the one minute sample.
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Jupiter Abundance

Jupiter, planet of growth, expansion and abundance is entering the sign of Cancer on Tuesday, June 25th, 2013. Jupiter is very comfortable and happy in Cancer so this should be a very beneficial energy for all!
teleseminar speakers needed
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Event Speakers Needed

If you are an expert in your field and would like to share your expertise with our audience, please contact me for more information about doing a Tele-seminar.
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Angel Messenger DEK - Does This Interest You?

The Angel Messenger Digital Enlightenment Kit I've been inspired by John Edward's, "The Five" and have been thinking about creating something similar. I like how people can pay one flat low fee and be eligible to receive a reading with John without paying more money.
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Tell Us Why Your Dad is Amazing

7-1-13 **AND THE WINNER IS DAVID** Read David's entry below. I have to tell you all that I have no doubt David's win had more than a little help from his father's hand.
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A Complete Package for Soul Healing

"My time with Colleen for a soul healing was a complete package in my opinion. She used a combination of tools that really set the stage for helping me have a better perspective on where I am at and where I am going along with clearing out some old energy that I was carrying to lighten my load. I felt as if I made a connection to my higher self and where in the days that followed our visit, I have felt more free and on purpose with not only where I am but where I want to go in my life. Colleen has been a great person to get another perspective based on the tools she uses."
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Colleen's New Service & Special Event: Soul Healing

Soul healing is a combination of hypnotherapy, guided meditation and visualization, remote Reiki energy healing, astrological counseling and working with Angels, Archangels and Healers of the Light.
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Awaken Your Spirit Event

Awakening Your Spirit safely introduces you to ‘spirit guides’, and starts to develop your awareness of your spiritual energy and power. Learn more about this event or register here.
cleansing chakras with angel energy
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Spring Cleaning: Begin Within

Please join Christina Madrid to explore and learn more about the inner energy centers in your body: The Chakras.