Angelic Astrology – May 2016

By Rev. Colleen, contributing writer for Angel Messenger

The month of May has a Universal Karmic Number 14/5 vibration, signifying a need to be flexible and open to change as we transform various aspects of our lives and ourselves.

The single digit 5 vibration for this month indicates many energies and circumstances happening at once, and is supportive for networking, communication, and having a variety of ideas and directions to choose from as we move forward. Although, it is also a vibration that brings up anxiety, nervousness, and chaos so it will be important to do what we can to stay balanced and grounded.

The double digit 14 indicates karmic issues of freedom. This has its focus on the collective, and signals past life energies that humanity is experiencing regarding the desire to break away from convention, limitation, and the feeling of being held back from our true spiritual freedom.14-Temperance-ShadowscapeTarot

The 14th Major Arcana in the Tarot is Temperance which focuses on the Path of Alchemy and is ruled by the sign of Sagittarius, according to Megan Skinner’s book entitled “Essence of the Tarot.” Alchemy is a combination of science and magic, and involves the process of transforming two different elements into something new altogether. How we can translate this in a more personal way, is to say that we are taking different aspects of our lives and/or Being-ness that needs to change, and transforming them into something new. This will require patience and wisdom (acquiring more spiritual knowledge) as we move through this integration process of opposing energies within ourselves.

The first astrological happening of significance this month is a New Moon at 16 degrees of Taurus on May 6th. Taurus is an Earth sign and is a grounding force, and this New Moon lunation sees both the Moon and the Sun in a trine aspect to Pluto, planet of transformation! This will help to manifest and “ground” in this energy of transformation and empowerment both on an emotional level, as well as a personality level.

There is a lot of energetic activity the week of Monday, May 9th – Friday, May 13th! We start out with Jupiter, planet of Great Blessings, turning back to direct (forward) motion at 13 degrees Taurus. In fact, Jupiter stationed at the 13th degree of Virgo was a part of our New Moon energy on May 6th giving an added expansive energy to that lunation. Now that Jupiter is back to direct motion it can reveal the many blessings that it is here to bring while going through the sign of Virgin. This is going to assist us in expanding our lives and long range plans through paying attention to details and taking small steps towards our goals…..being organized and using our keen powers of discernment in making decisions that are appropriate for us regarding our Path.

Also on Monday, May 9th, we see the Sun and Mercury coming together in the sign of Taurus highlighting money, finances and the practical ideas and steps needed for forward movement. On May 10th Venus in Taurus is in a positive connection to Jupiter in Virgo, expanding the energies of the Divine Feminine and our belief systems about money, and our sense or worthiness. Thursday and Friday, May 12th and 13th, Mercury and Venus come together in Taurus as they both trine Pluto, planet of transformation, which empowers the Divine Feminine Energies on the planet…..empowering our thoughts and ideas and bringing in the energy of big changes!

On May 20th we have the Sun moving into the mutable air sign of Gemini as it does every year around this time. This is followed by a Full Moon at 1 degree Sagittarius on Saturday, May 21st and Mercury turning retrograde at 14 degrees Taurus the next day on the 22nd. All of this will make for an interesting Full Moon lunation.

On the 24th, two days after Mercury turns direct, Venus will now move into Gemini, the sign of the Twins. Venus, ruler of money, finances, our values and relationships, is now in a sign that involves many ideas, various options and being open to more than one direction……this is good for working on goals and projects, but not very grounded or committed when it comes to partnerships, whether business or romantic.

On May 26th Jupiter in Virgo is squaring (challenging) Saturn in Sagittarius. We will feel this all month as they stay very close together in this connection. I refer back to the explanation of the 14th Major Arcana, the Temperance Card, as these two planetary energies are very different from one another, and do not seem to fit very well in the individual signs that they are occupying……we need to transform them into a new energy altogether. Jupiter rules the expansion principle and is in Virgo, a sign that rules attention and focus to the small details. Saturn rules the restriction principle, and is in Sagittarius, a sign that rules the big picture and our long range plans. Again, they are challenging one another this month and bringing in a lot of chaotic and confusing energies. Do we expand our efforts? Do we wait? Are we allowing anxiety energies to grow and expand? Are we restricting the blessings that are trying to come to us from the Universe/Source God?

Let us use the “Alchemy Principle” to transform these different energies into something new that we can utilize in the best possible way for our growth and forward movement. This new spiritual energy that is created from the transformation of the opposing elements of Jupiter and Saturn is about expanding into our creative attention to detail, to manifest a spiritual security within ourselves. This blessing of spiritual security is a gift that allows for the growth and abundance of different aspects of our lives…..energies to be created through our wisdom, growth and evolution of our Higher Mind and Soul, which in turn allows all of our dreams to come true!

We end the month with Mars retrograding back into the sign of Scorpio where it will stay until August 2nd. It originally went retrograde on April 17th at 8 degrees of Sagittarius. We were starting to feel an enthusiastic, forward momentum with Mars in this fire sign. With the retrograde movement that started the middle of last month it slowed down our energy and activity. Now that it is moving back into Scorpio, the energy will shift again and become even more internal and subdued. While in Scorpio it will focus on empowerment issues and challenges within our subconscious…..transmuting old energies and patterns that focus on buried anger, frustration, resentment……money, finances, shared resources……people, organizations and systems that exude their power and control over us… is all about weeding out these disempowering energies from within first, while Mars is retrograde…..and then when it turns back to direct motion at the end of June, we can work on releasing the disempowering energies that are outside of us.

To hear what messages our angels and guides share with us for the upcoming month please be sure to watch the Monthly Angel Card Reading Video for May 2016 below. You can also find my videos on my YouTube channelVimeo, or my Face Book page .

Many Blessings to You!

Light to All,

Colleen Lemma

Angelic Astrologer & Spiritual Consultant

Monthly Angel Card Reading for May 2016

In this reading, Rev. Colleen uses Doreen Virtue’s Fairy Tarot deck. She uses Doreen’s Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Card deck for the special messages.

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About Rev. Colleen

Rev. Colleen Lemma was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and is currently a contributing author. With well over 15 years of experience, some say Colleen’s intuitive guidance is simply life changing. Readings with Colleen are a combination of Intuitive Astrology, Numerology and Tarot, along with Divine messages from her angels and guides, including the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Rev. Colleen Lemma, C.Ht., has been an active member in the spiritual and metaphysical field of studies since 1995. She took her first astrology class in 1996 and was soon teaching for an astrological learning center and doing professional consultations. She became a non-denominational ordained minister in the order of Melchizedek in 1996 and began her spiritual journey as a healing consultant. She is a Professional Astrologer and Numerologist, Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, a Certified Hypnotherapist, and a Certified Crystologist in the Melody Teachings.

Colleen lectures and does classes and workshops on a variety of topics including Astrology, Numerology, Reiki, Crystals, Soulmates, Past Lives, Karma, Children of the New Paradigm, and Soul Empowerment. She is available for teaching and speaking engagements worldwide. You can find her on her website, Sacred Soul Empowerment, and as one of the spiritual readers and healers on the website, Living 5D in a 3D World.

"Colleen was, as always, fabulous. She shares such relevant information with grace and compassion. She genuinely cares and it is so obvious."
~ Angel Messenger Client

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