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Azure Angel Card Extended Description - Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

I get this card a lot when I am doing readings for myself.

The angel, Azure, is letting us know that good things are on the way…..that what we desire is coming into manifestation but the timing may not be quite right.

Behind the image of Azure, there is a big clock. This clock is letting us know that we must wait for a better time for our desires to appear. Sometimes we want things now and we do not want to wait but we must have patience. Remember the phrase, “Everything in Divine Timing.” If you have drawn this card than that saying surely applies in this situation.

I am also drawn to the small galaxy of stars toward the bottom left of the card which is reminding us that … certain planetary energies may need to be in place to best support what it is we are striving for.

The angels are telling us that circumstances may not be quite right yet, or that energies need to come together in a certain way that will best support our desired outcome. This is a time when we must practice the art of “allowing”……………….just to surrender and have faith that our goal or wish will come into fruition in exactly the perfect time.

Angel Blessings,

Rev. Colleen

Angelic Astrologer at Angel Messenger

This card is from the “Messages from Your Angels” Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue.

For a deeper explanation by the Doreen, consider purchasing this deck – available now on Amazon.com. Each deck comes with a guidebook that includes directions and layouts as well as detailed explanations of each card. Doreen’s products can be found on Amazon.com and the Angel Therapy Bookstore. There is also a mobile app available for this deck.

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  1. Bridget
    Bridget says:

    💗I don’t mind waiting for Divine Timing; it’s a privilege and an honor to wait for Heaven’s plan💗

  2. mary
    mary says:

    Wednesday January 24 Azure is who I pulled at an Angel Group meeting I must say my first guided meditation my throat got real tight shortly after it began then pulling this card with the message patience and surrender and have faith that our goal or wish will come into fruition in exactly the perfect time.as been something I am taking a class and feel like I am forcing the end to be here now really not wanting to do the work that needs to be done in learning the material I seem to have lost the ….for it. Great experience Azure resonated to me or and with me yesterday Any comments welcome

    • Annemarie, Angel Messenger Support
      Annemarie, Angel Messenger Support says:


      We are glad this resonated with you and you see some light on how you were forcing an end. Things don’t happen the way we expect them to and definitely not in the timing we expect. Have faith and patience, just know it will come 🙂 When we force things it is more challenging for us so we end up creating our own turmoil. When we are aligned and in the flow doing the work it will be simpler. Blessings 🙂

  3. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    Rev. Sheri,

    I did a reading asking if my life purpose was to reach reiki. This was a great reading! The cards were Indriel, Yes, Friendship and Azure.

    Thank you,
    Elizabeth Ross

    • Rev. Sheri
      Rev. Sheri says:

      Wow, that’s quite the confirmation, Elizabeth! Don’t forget to call in Archangel Raphael for help, too. He’s the perfect partner for someone interested in learning energetic healing. He can even help people finding money needed for training as well as attracting the right clients. Good luck with everything! <3

      • Me
        Me says:

        Yeah…of course…it’s not enough that I waited and waisted 10 months already…I should give 20-30 years for this situation to be resolved :))))

        • Annemarie, Angel Messenger Support
          Annemarie, Angel Messenger Support says:

          It sounds like your reply is with getting the Azure card and something not manifesting for you. I believe that everyday provides a lesson to us in some way. We may not realize this, understand or even know what the lesson is but it is never a waste of time just a lesson.



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