It certainly appears that we are getting all the snow that the weather man has been threatening all week.  It’s not the mountains of snow the northeast had, so I really shouldn’t complain, but I’m not a fan of snow.  🙁  Honestly, if it weren’t for family, we would not be living in Michigan.

I woke up late at 9am this morning and looked out the window to find everything covered in white.  Expecting that my son would be home, I was surprised to hear that my husband had taken him to school, and the roads were terrible.  Why do they have school on days like this?

Last night, Roger and I did a live reading event online, and the energy was so great that I was completely wired afterward.  Many times, I’m exhausted after events like this one, but maybe having Roger there doing most of the heavy lifting with connecting to the higher realms, I didn’t have to work as hard.  Roger was telling me about an in-person event he did recently with about 100 people where he gave over 30 messages in an hour and a half.  I would have been wiped out doing that.  The last time I did a live in-person gallery event, I was useless for several days afterward.  Granted, if I remember correctly, I also had the flu the whole week leading up to the event.  Anyway, these events take a lot out us sensitive types, so I was surprised that I was so wide awake last night.

Did you know that there is an awesome show on HGTV at about 1am that’s all about people hunting for homes on the Hawaiian Islands?  That show is amazing!  I loved it!  You get to see all this beautiful landscape, and watching them standing there in such a beautiful environment with the sun and a comforting breeze made me feel like I was there, too.  I finally fell asleep about 3am and dreamed about moving to Hawaii … and then I woke up to a land covered with white.  Ugh!  Michigan, your time is limited …

Hopefully, this snow will melt quickly and the sun will shine again.  Snow can be beautiful, but when your heart really wants the sun, it can be a heartbreaking sight.  I’m going to take my grumpy self downstairs for a cup of tea now.  I hope you all are warm and well on this cold and white Friday.  Check out that show on HGTV!  Oh, and if you’d like to check out the events we have coming up, I’ll be doing a live reading event myself on Monday, March 11th (2013), at 8pm EST.

Angel Blessings,


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