70% of Couples Say That Marriage Counseling Didn’t Save Their Marriage!

I bet you would have never guessed it either. But 70% of couples that have been to marriage counseling ended up in divorce.

How many times do you end up in a fight with your spouse over a small issue?

Is it once or twice a day that you both get worked up over something?

Maybe you have arguments over certain topics like money, your children or what you do with your free time?

Are all of these fights beginning to take their toll on your happiness and the health of the marriage?

These are all very common points of contention in any marriage and left unchecked could lead to bigger problems down the road.

There are several different ways that you could approach this problem. However, among the most prevalent is to attempt marriage counseling. Marriage Counseling is provided in various forms, all of which will vary depending on the counselor you choose. 

1. One thing is for certain it is quite expensive, sometimes ranging from $100 to $500 for one session.

2. At these meetings, you will be required to tell the counselor about the most intimate and private details of your marriage to a complete stranger. And let’s be honest: Nobody is themselves in front of an audience…

3. After you have been to several of these costly marriage counseling sessions, the therapist may begin to offer some useful information. But let’s face it, he has a financial interest in keeping you coming back to him so the progress will be deliberately slow.

4. This will usually lead to more frustration and more problems in your marriage, which, as you probably guessed, will lead to more marriage counseling!

There is a better way to deal with the problems in your relationship through the use of Telepathy, Intuition and Your Innate Psychic Powers. By learning to use telepathy you will be able to diffuse arguments between you and your spouse before they escalate. I have found that in standard communication, people have a hidden agenda that stands in the way of solving conflicts. The two most common hidden agendas between spouses are:

1. The “All men are this….” And “All women are that….” – agenda. This has been formed through the stereotypes we have been taught since we were born.

2. The “You always…”-agenda. This has been formed during the years of your particular relationship.

With the use of telepathic communication you could see, feel or hear the true emotions that your spouse has, such as disappointment, sadness, desperation or simply the need for a hug or a sincere apology. I know…. most men would never admit that they need a hug in this moment. But sometimes that’s what it is… You will know what he truly needs. You would then be able to send them this “mental hug” or whatever it is your spouse needs to relax the situation and facilitate open communication. This will ultimately lead to better understanding of each other and a better marriage. I can show you how to reach your inner psychic and harness the powers of telepathy. My course will take you through the process in an easy stepwise fashion. You will also learn how to avoid the four most common mistakes and obstacles to achieving telepathy.

To your success!


© Annette Sassou

Annette Sassou is a Medium, Life Coach and founder of “The Ultimate Guide to Unleash Your Inner Psychic”.

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  1. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    Couples who do not communicate or who communicate blindly are not as successful as couples who are connected in a way that helps one truly understand what is going on with the other. To be “in tune” with your spouse means that you will understand their true feelings and what they may be hiding behind their words and actions.


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