If you’re on my weekly newsletter, you probably already know this, but my excitement is overflowing!  My husband and I are leaving this morning for Toronto where I’m finally going to see some of my favorite authors in action.  Until now, I have never been to a Hay House event, but I’m attending a whole weekend “I Can Do It” event and an extra class with Doreen Virtue on Monday.

Honestly, I do have some mixed feelings.  It’s an expensive trip … Canada is surprisingly expensive!  It is literally $45 per day just to park our car … but, I tell myself that I deserve to go.  There’s so much to prepare for … missing several days of work … family staying at my house with our son …. packing ….

Why do we feel badly when we do things for ourselves?  I know I’m not the only one out there who struggles with this because my guides and Angels would not be urging me so hard to share otherwise.  I should be proud of myself that I actually went through with doing it.  But, even after buying the tickets, I thought about just being out that money and canceling because of the expense of the rest of the trip.  I mean, the tickets were almost free compared to the rest of the expense.  It is so difficult to spend money on myself.  Why?

I work extremely hard and work tirelessly to support our clients and practitioners.  I rarely get time off – even when I’m sick.  I do schedule time off, but something always comes up where I have to go back into the office.  Still, I think about denying myself what I’ve already promised – time to recharge at an event dedicated to spiritual growth.

Maybe it’s a parent thing; we tend to think about how the money we are spending could be better spent on our children.  Or, maybe it’s a lightworker thing; we tend to believe that we should always be the ones to go without and feel guilty when we give to ourselves.

Earth AngelBut, here’s the thing … If we don’t give to ourselves – and allow others to give to us – we will have nothing left to give to others.  Why do we expect so much of our human bodies?  Why do we deny our souls time to recharge?  We are spiritual energy, and continuing to live in that spiritual existence means taking care of ourselves.  It means we take time … time to BREATHE!  Time to meditate.  Time to exercise – our minds, bodies, hearts and souls.  If we don’t breathe; if we don’t stretch out our wings, then we can’t grow and will certainly never fly.

So, how did I get so excited after feeling so guilty?  Well, I realized that maybe someday I just might fly!  And, if I can fly, think of how much more I’ll be able to do.  If I can fly, I can do anything!  What could you do, if you were able to fly?  Maybe it’s time to allow yourself to shake out your feathers and spread those beautiful wings!

Enjoy your weekend!

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

Rev. Sheri

P.S. Please understand that this means I will be a little behind on returning emails.  😉

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