The Goal of Life

by Neil Millar

Anyone can count the seeds in an apple; no one can count the apples in a seed.

~ Anonymous

A noble goal in life is to be happy. A while ago I began planting seeds that inspired a group of people to new happiness. I’d like to share some of the things that came about. Let’s start with what gets in the way…

Happiness is something that naturally comes about in the absence of fears, negative feelings and doubts. Money worry cuts many off from happiness. Almost always people feel they have too little – not enough to pay the mortgage or buy what they want. Their life suffers as a result. The feeling of lack or limitations burns through everything else. When this type of focus, thought, word and deed come into harmony, there can be little doubt about the outcome.

This is why the findings of my group become important. You see, money, health, relationships, family, spirituality and growth – they are all about focus. What we focus on becomes reality.

How do we change things?

In the old days, when we had record players, when we wanted to change tracks on a long playing record we just lifted the needle from the groove and put it on a more desirable track. The same principal works here.

A Worthwhile Dream

Lack of money is not the cause, it’s a symptom. Being overweight is not a cause, it’s a symptom. Failing romantically is not a cause, it’s a symptom. The cause of these hardships are always rooted right back in our subconscious mind. The techniques I used with my group outlined what could be done to relieve the symptoms and create a worthwhile dream.

What is a worthwhile dream?

A worthwhile dream is a progressive realisation of our desires. It’s not the end result. It’s the journey. It’s understanding the tough experiences for what they are, acknowledging them, learning from them and moving on. It’s the joy and the happiness of the experience of being part of an unfolding adventure in which you play the lead role – hero, villain or victim, to name a few.

Within us all we have the seeds of our happiness and success. The question is do we dare to plant them? Do we know how to nurture them? Will we allow them to unfold?

Some Ideas to get you started

1. Gurus always tell you to visualise. This is a good start. Picture what you want. See it unfolding and engage your senses. But this isn’t all. This on it’s own may not be enough.

2. If you visualise and affirm (speak what you see happening, in the now) then you increase your chances of successfully bringing about what you desire. But this may still not be enough.

3. Act as if. Guru’s say if want something you have to give. They say if you want money you need to give it. I’m not convinced about this one. I think the guru’s got it wrong, or have copped-out. I think this is lazy. You give and hope that some will come back to you. Of course there are examples where it does. But this doesn’t happen to everyone. I say if you want money, you have to give your time and effort to understanding the fundamentals of what creates and accumulates money. When you’ve got it, it’s easy to give back in a way that evolves the world. When you don’t have it and someone says give it, all you do is give in the energy of lack saying, ‘I can’t afford this.’

While step one and two work on a subconscious level – getting you to think with the right mentality – step three is practical. Last year I wanted to take off some excess weight. In order to do that I immersed myself in the experience of being slimmer and trimmer. I engaged in therapy, I took on a personal trainer, I got coached, I read books on food and nutrition.

What was the outcome?

Over time I began to notice behaviour changes. With the help of a coach I pin-pointed those changes faster and took action quicker and quicker and what do you know? I lost weight and feel much the better for it.

Because I lost myself in the experience of my desire, I found happiness. True, some days I found harder than others. But when you experience your weight, the issues that led you to put it on, what you have to consider as you lose it, you come out the other end, knowing yourself better, loving yourself better and understanding the tapestry of life a little more. Like the quote at the top, the possibilities inside you are endless.

All you have to do is decide what will bring you more happiness and immerse yourself in the experience.

Until next time


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