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Weekend, Email & Overnight Appointments

He is trying this overnight option to see if it's helpful to anyone. It's only available for one night ... October 27th 11pm - October 28th 8am Eastern.
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Interview with a Medium

When you have experienced such loss in your life, it changes you. Taking the path that Roger has taken has opened him up in a way that is empathic, understanding and more connected than your average medium.
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Excited for the Future!

When I first started Angel Messenger, my dream was to create a center where people could come and learn about all kinds of information from philosophy and math and science to the psychic arts and using intuition. It was a beautiful dream of a school that would bring the best of the best from around the world to create THE CENTER for learning. Though things in our world have greatly changed since then, I still have a dream, and I'm starting to see parts of it take hold.

Readings Discount

Next week, Wednesday and Thursday (July 30th & 31st), I have openings for half hour telephone sessions at a sale price of only $30.  That's $15 off the normal rate! Why the discount?  I had a party of readings scheduled for both days…