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You are Protected by Angels! Look at the imagery of this card. What does it say to you? Do you notice the child, or are you drawn more to the young woman herself? This card is telling you that you are safe and protected from whatever it…
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The angels say it is a self-loving act we gift upon ourselves when we tend to the needs of our mind and body. When we are rejuvenated, we have more energy to exert, we perform better in our work, and our focus and attention is more clear. Give yourself a wonderful gift of relaxation, rejuvenation, and loving self-care today.
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Right now, take a moment and think about what you can do today that will give you a bit of rest. It might be habit to say, "Oh, I don't have time for that." But, you do have time. Make yourself a priority. Take a breather. You can only do your best, give your best, when you are your best.
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Positive Energy

The message of this card is pretty self-explanatory. It is about surrounding yourself with positive energy and staying away from worries, doubts, and fear-based energy.  Everything has a vibration…….people, places, food,…
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Watch Your Thoughts

The angels are gently reminding you that your thoughts create your reality. They ask that you be mindful of the chatter that goes on in your head……your inner and outer spoken words, your beliefs about yourself and your life………..what…
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Simplify Your Life

When this card appears, often times it's guiding you to release or remove things in your life that are no longer needed or necessary for your highest good.  When we eliminate items that are no longer useful to us, or just taking up space in…
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Soulmate Relationship

Whatever you've asked has something to do with a soulmate. A soulmate is someone you have lived another lifetime with, though not necessarily a romantic partner.
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Stay Optimistic

Rev. Sheri gives a detailed description of the "Stay Optimistic" card from the "Magical Mermaids and Dolphins" Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue. Get your Free Online Angel Card Reading at!
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Set Your Sights Higher

Sometimes we feel or believe that we can only have or accomplish so much in life……....or that we are not worthy enough, smart enough or affluent enough to create, manifest or live the life we desire, or have the relationship we desire, or the career we desire, etc. The angels are here to tell us that indeed we can!!! We can have all that we desire and we are worthy of the best in life!
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Helpful Person

The angels are here with the message that there are times in our lives when we are just in need of support in some way and it is okay to seek assistance from others.
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If you have gotten this card in a reading, your angels and guides want you to pay attention to signs, information or events in your life that may seem to be coincidences. Perhaps you have asked the angels for assistance or guidance on a relationship or career matter. Maybe you have asked them for clarity on your Life Purpose, or any situation in your life. Your angels and guides are bringing you the answers that you seek through the energy of synchronicity.
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Make a Wish

Magic is in the air when you draw this card! What is it that you desire? What would you like to see happen in your life? This card is telling you to put your intention out there and it will be made manifest.