It has truly been an interesting few days.  I know this might sound like a cliche, but my husband went to Detroit (Detroit, Michigan) over the weekend, and his car was stolen.  Some people say we shouldn’t be so surprised.

My husband works for a non-profit cable station and was assigned to go to Detroit this last weekend to video tape the Democratic convention.  There was extra security downtown because so many “important” people were there.  He stayed in a really nice hotel, just down the street from Cobo (where the event was held).  He paid for parking at the hotel’s secured lot.  He stayed two nights and was informed upon his departure Monday morning that his car couldn’t be found.  He thought they were joking.  It’s not like he was driving a Mercedes!  His car was an ’02 Sebring.  Apparently most all Chrysler vehicles are fairly easy targets … maybe they are easy to break into, I’m not exactly sure why.  The valet company estimated that his car was taken sometime Saturday night.  The police said that we should never expect to see our car again … maybe a few parts scattered here and there.  It’s heartbreaking, really.  We saved and saved and bought that car brand new.  It’s been well taken care of, and we just put a small fortune into fixing some problems with it last fall.  We are both sick about it, but it is only metal.

I freaked out because I expected the call.  I always hate it when my husband goes away for work.  He has this annual trip that he takes every year and for five years in a row, something bad happened every year he was gone, so I naturally have this ingrained phobia of him being gone.  Not to mention, of course, I love my husband dearly.  My point is that I always get upset when he has to go away, so I thought it was my usual neurotic worrying.  I barely slept the whole time he was gone.  I couldn’t sleep because something felt wrong.  I actually started to get concerned that someone was going to break into my house because that’s what it felt like … the worry, the nausea I couldn’t explain.  Even my dog was acting weird.  I was supposed to go with him but didn’t.  I couldn’t explain why, but I felt like I wasn’t supposed to go.  Now I realize we might have gone out in that car, if I’d been with him.  We might not have stayed at the hotel all weekend.  We might have been out in the car when someone decided they wanted it.  Dear God, I am so thankful my husband wasn’t in the car.  I can deal with anything else but not that.  I begged him not to go, but what can you say when it’s your job?  No, uh sorry, I don’t feel like going?  Yeah, I don’t think that would have gone over too well.

Needless to say, it has been an interesting few days.  The car has to be missing for over three weeks before our insurance will consider paying out a settlement.  I guess we’re about to find out what a “good neighbor” our insurance carrier can be.

I thought I would share this story because 1. I still can’t believe this happened and 2. There are important lessons here …

Lesson 1 – Detroit is not at all a safe place, no matter who tells you otherwise.

Lesson 2 – Do not buy a Chrysler … especially the Sebring, Jeep and 300.  They are car thief magnets.

And, on another note, I should be answering more questions next week.  Since this is my last few days with my son before school starts, I’ve been taking some time out for him this week.  I will be posting an update on my waiting list soon as well.  I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend.  If you live in Detroit, I’m sorry but I will not be visiting your city any time soon.  🙁

Blessings to all,


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  1. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:

    Thanks for the support, everyone. It’s been frustrating. The car has not been found, and we were told to expect nothing but parts if were to be found. Apparently, our insurance will not cover any of the items in the car – only the car itself. Since my husband was on a trip for work, he lost quite a few personal items that will not be replaced. We still don’t know what the insurance company will be giving us for the car, but we are now going to have a car payment when we didn’t have one before. That’s not cool. 🙁

  2. margo
    margo says:

    Dear Sheri,

    Sorry to hear about the run of bad luck. I’m glad no one was hurt, though. They say things always happen for a reason, I guess sometimes it is hard to see that though. Hopefully everything will be put right soon. Take care,


  3. Rev. Sheri
    Rev. Sheri says:


    Thank you for commenting, and I think you are absolutely right. As much as it frightened me having the car stolen, it’s quite likely that car was heading for more expensive repairs. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by what we’ve been finding online as a replacement, too. We will have to wait to see what the insurance company is willing to give us before making a decision, but I hope we will end up with something newer and even more dependable. If I’ve learned anything over the last year or so, after dealing with our housing situation, it’s that things which seem horrible aren’t always as bad as they appear.

    I’ll definitely accept your friend request on FB, too! Not sure if I’ll be on today, but I’ll accept you on my next visit. I hope your doing well.

    ~ Sheri

  4. Christopher Luke
    Christopher Luke says:

    Dear Sheri

    All I can say is that it is probably a miracle. This is what I am sensing:

    The car was 8 years old.

    You spent a lot of money on it last Autumn.

    The probability is that you would either have spent more money on it very shortly.

    You need a new car but cannot afford one.

    Now, what I feel and I will stand to be corrected, is that Spirit is really looking after you and that it will all be right.

    Sure you may not get what you expect from the Insurance Company (but then all Insurance Companies are beyond God’s redemption) but I am equally sure that a nice replacement is already lined up for you.

    Take care and in love and light

    Christopher (and please accept my Friend request on Fb – I am back!)


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