How do you create True Inner Joy in your Life?

True inner joy is self-created.
It does not depend on outer circumstances.
A river is flowing in and through you carrying the message of joy.
This divine joy is the sole purpose of life.

– Sri Chinmoy

I have said for quite some time that Joy is the source from which miracles are created.  Creating joy in your life isn’t something you should do “when you have some spare time”.  Joy should be a priority!  So, this discussion topic is on creating joy.  How do you create joy in your life?  What do you do that brings you happiness?  It can be something big, something small, or even something self-created. 

Please share your practices and ideas below for Creating Joy!

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  1. Erika
    Erika says:

    Thank you so much for this mesage, I really needed a reminder

    of what true joy is, and especially since today was difficult

    day as I was trying to make some important decisions, I want

    to go back to school, but school may have to wait a bit longer

    for my own well being. I guess there really is no point in

    pressuring yourself to go to school if it will be stressful and

    there will be very little joy. I want to be joyful in my life

    with every step I take.

  2. Reena
    Reena says:

    i find joy in random acts of kindness, when i know i feel im making a difference, a positive difference in someone’s life, whether its by giving advice, whether its to someone i know or even to someone i dont even know – might be a stranger i walk by. I find joy in God giving me the sight to realise the true value of seeing and recognising the big things in small things.

  3. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    What gives me pure joy is to watch my 2 daughters play and when they smile at just warms my heart..they have the prettiest smiles!! 🙂

  4. Brenda
    Brenda says:

    I find joy in reading. Especially when I’ve had a rather stressful day, I spend time reading before bed. It makes me happy, reduces my stress, and it even helps me fall asleep. Reading is my escape sometimes.

  5. Christine
    Christine says:

    Going to the beach, helping others and spending time by myself. My children are pure joy and always help to lift my spirits when I need it. They are just a couple of the many “teachers” I have in this lifetime. I love their innocence and unconditional love.

  6. Diva
    Diva says:

    Maybe it’s silly, but the smell of coffee in the morning gives me joy. I make vanilla flavored coffee, and I love the smell. It’s especially helpful to have a reason to get out of bed now that it’s getting darker outside.


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