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My beloved horse has passed on this morning and am broken hearted. I asked for a message and Sonya came up. I thought that animal spirits are so innocent and she is still around me though I saw her buried this afternoon. Of all the animal pets in my life so far she was exceptional, a mare full of love, dark brown with a star on her head and always so wise and patient when I came to talk to her and rub her face. The card came to me as reassurance that she was meant to go now and that we humans feel the loss of animals when they go. We need the purity of the animal kingdom’s love. She came to be in my life for a reason. It has opened to my heart to the joy of their innocence and how truly blessed we are by the animals who touch our hearts. I am sad but taking what lessons I can and want to thank you for your card which comforts me. Dear Una Juna your love is an eternal flame within my heart and has prised it open even more to giving and receiving love.

MS. Aingeal Murphy

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