On Crystal Adults Revealed and How to Tell if You Are One Crystal Adults Revealed

and How to Tell if You Are One

by Heidi, contributing writer for Angel Messenger

Have you ever felt that you don’t fit in on this planet?  Are your sensitivities so strong that you easily get overwhelmed by the emotions of other people?  Do you often speak to others – through your energy, emotions, and thoughts- but without ever saying a word?

If you were born after the 1970s and resonate strongly with this, you may be a Crystal Adult.  I have researched articles that suggest Crystal Children appeared on the planet around 1990 – 2010, after the generation of Indigos.  However, I believe that many Crystal Children arrived earlier, coming as scouts.

What exactly is a Crystal Adult?  Their main purpose is to help uplift the planet of harsh energy, bringing forth healing and peace.  Crystal Adults’ are also here to help others in soul growth and evolution.  But with the overwhelming and often chaotic energies on earth, Crystal Adults can easily hibernate and forget to work on their mission.

These are the main characteristics of a Crystal Adult:

  • Extreme sensitivity to energy and their environment. Chemicals, fragrance, noise, extreme temperatures, other people’s moods, large crowds……just about everything can affect their sensitive body.
  • Large Eyes, often with a strong clairvoyant gift
  • They can communicate without using words. Crystal Adults have the ability to telepathically speak to another’s higher self-energy
  • Naturally empathic and can feel the emotions of others. They are at high risk for taking on the emotions of others.
  • They feel like an alien living on this planet. Because of violence and harsh energies on earth, they crave going back to their Realm of pure love energy.
  • They have a difficult time finding a ‘normal’ job. Over-stimulating, fast paced work environments with demands of social media use, multi-tasking, and juggling many projects at once are too overwhelming.
  • Crystal Adults are very drawn to the healing arts. Singing, dancing, art, cooking, writing or healing work are what they enjoy most.
  • They will often withdraw or remove themselves when the energy around them becomes too intense.
  • Crystal Adults have strong senses, usually, two are extreme. Their sense of smell is often one of them.
  • They will not tolerate unethical or bad behavior from others for very long. Eventually, they burn out from the toxic energy.  It doesn’t matter if it’s in the work place, at home, with friends, or family.  A Crystal Adult will eventually shut the door and may never open it again to that relationship.
  • Many Crystal Adults suffer from broken relationships, which often leaves them feeling misunderstood and very alone. They can become hermits if they don’t find other Crystals that can relate to their extreme sensitivities.

If you suspect that you are a Crystal Adult, honor your sensitivities, don’t hide them.  Surround yourself with people who appreciate your gentle nature, and do not spend time with those that crucify you for being ‘too sensitive’.  This is a gift that’s part of your make-up and blueprint.

For Crystal Adults who feel alone, know that you are surrounded by many other Crystal’s here on earth.  You are asked to come out of hiding and shine your beautiful light on this planet.  The world is in need of upliftment.  Your natural calling is to heal, uplift and bring forth peaceful energy.  We love you and need you.

Angel blessings,

Heidi Mentink

About Heidi

Heidi is a published author and wonderful Angel card reader who has trained with numerous spiritual teachers from all over the world - including Doreen Virtue and the Boulder Psychic Institute. She was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and has been a contributing author here at Angel Messenger.

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  1. Charlotte
    Charlotte says:

    Thank you Heidi for a lovely post. 🙂 I very much appreciate being able to connect with you and others 🙂 I apprently didn’t start speaking until after 5 though that was because I was reciving speech therapy. I find it’s overwhelming sometimes speaking or listening to people I have fallen asleep many times, I feel more of a connection with animals, at family gatherings I’ve been happier sitting with the dog on the floor and the family chatting together. I have been enjoying going to toddler group with my nephew I rather be interacting and playing with the toys with my nephew and the other child then speaking to the adults if I have a choice. My confidence in jobs is challenging I’m nearly going to be 40 soon which is daunting, I haven’t moved fast enough to keep up with other employees, or not thinking fast enough. I’ve known some people who chat thinking they were a friend, they would speak about how they unhappy with their life and leave with their child and I’m so exhausted and I haven’t done anything… I’m not keen on being around people much who are drinking alcohol. I’m not keen on watching things with violence because I was having nightmeres. My ex boyfriend after 10 plus years still didn’t seem to understand me and wonder why did I feel stressed because he had a full time job and I was looking after our child. When being in a group of people chatting I find it’s challenging to speak up for myself because it takes time for me to think to what I would like to say. I enjoy being creative with card making, cross stitching, making things with stained glass, ecstatic dancing, being around children who are enjoying playing, I’ve had some telepathic words from people I’ve heard though it’s trying to heal my root chakra which I try to spend time outside…. Plus also I rather only loving kind words to come through because I know how dark things can get otherwise. I do enjoy being around crystals in general, I have a collection plus I enjoy just looking around the crystal shop. I do enjoy learning of spiritually. It’s wonderful to share with others. Thank you Charlotte

    • Re (Rev. Sheri)
      Re (Rev. Sheri) says:

      Charlotte, I apologize it look a bit for your post to get published. I was under the weather for a while but am feeling better. My journey has definitely taken me through some trauma, and I was angry for a while, but I see things a little differently now.

      Some of us are a little different. We’ve come here for reasons not necessarily known, but we can get an idea from our own consciousness. Don’t get too stressed if you can’t fit in to someone else’s mould. You were Created from a unique one.

      You love what you love because it leads you to your own Destiny. Our emotions are information. Even our anger gives us clues.

      For example, I was angry with my family for a long time. However, I have also seen for a very long time that they are also Divine Children who are trying to survive their own traumas and circumstances. Not everyone can make it out the other side. Not everyone can break the cycle.

      For a while, I was very stuck inside myself. It was very difficult to break out. That might be where you are, and that’s okay. Don’t let others break you down for it.

      All of those things you mentioned .. creative actions, playing, dancing, etc. … those things are soul healing. You should do those things and NEVER be ashamed of them.

  2. Heidi
    Heidi says:

    Hi Julia and Rev. Sheri! I wanted to reach out to you both to share my recent experiences of Hell / Heaven on Earth and can totally relate to what you are both saying. I had been experiencing really nasty, low energy behavior coming from MANY people in this past year (strangers, acquaintances, family – you name it). I asked God / Angels about this, my role in it, how to handle it, etc. I could feel the message was strong – that Lightworkers (of all kinds) are here to help bring Christ Consciousness energy to this planet. MANY people have forgotten who they truly are – a child of God – we all came from Source, but so many souls have been caught up in the illusions of this world. I agree with you Rev. Sheri that we chose to be here to help raise the vibration. (It’s a lot harder than we could have ever imagined) What I feel guided to do when I sense dark energy/ behavior is to call on God /Christ Consciousness White light energy, and ‘send’ it out to the world, especially those who have forgotten who they are and have been infected by dark energy. I try not to take anything personal, I try not to get absorbed in the dark energy that we all can feel so intensely right now. Instead, I was guided to create my own Heaven on Earth – doing activities I love, being with people who I enjoy being with, filling my heart space with energy of Light, Love, Forgiveness. You are not alone – you are incredibly brave, strong, and so appreciated.

    • Re (Rev. Sheri)
      Re (Rev. Sheri) says:

      Hi Heidi! I’ve been thinking about you, and it’s so good to hear from you! Yes, forgiveness is a big part of it, and for us lightworkers too. I have a symbiotic relationship with the Maple tree in my back yard that I meditate with; she helps me to connect to Mother Earth. I went into a really deep meditation with Her lastnight, and I received a message about forgiveness for humanity. It was deeper message than I can put into words at this moment, but yes I do agree that it’s harder than we expected. Humanity has been given several opportunities to rise above past transgressions, and some of it is going okay, but some are just unkind and bringing the world into some kind of a new hell that they are willingly creating.

      However, that means we have to fight back while standing in that darkness. I have been in so much darkness in my life. My family has done so much horrible stuff to me. Now that I’m older and look back, it’s just unbelievable, and I know that even the ones I have allowed in my space … at limited times … they do things to try and control me or to control what I say, or they try to get me to say what they want me to say.

      The challenge for me has been to still be the light in that darkness despite what they have done and continue to do. Now that I am stronger and wiser, I look back at my childhood, and there is fear of what I don’t know. It’s possible there are worse things that happened to me …

      I have asked the question of how to forgive those who do horrible things? Like the Native American children who were buried in unmarked graves? How does one forgive such atrocities? I connect with those children deeply because of my own experiences, and it just makes me so angry that people thought that was okay. How can human beings, religious human beings think the mass murder of children was ever okay?

      But, I’m being asked to forgive humanity for that atrocity. For me, myself to forgive that. Sometimes, I think God asks too much. This is something I am having a very hard time with. There is a war within my soul dealing with how to forgive this.

      We all, as lightworkers, I believe we will have to come to terms with the need to forgive humanity in some way, and this will help to raise the vibration. My challenge that has been presented to me definitely hits the core of my soul pain. They were stolen children, and then they were murdered. If anything, my soul wants to scream with the agony of their pain. I don’t want to forgive …

      However, the reality is that most of the offenders are dead, so who am I going to punish? The culture of the Catholic Church? I have spoken out about how maybe others need to forgive for those reasons, so I need to listen to my own voice, but THEY WERE INNOCENT CHILDREN! … as I was an innocent child, and I still have questions about what happened to me.

      There is much we have to heal as lightworkers, including ourselves. This is a heavy weight we bear for sure. Even knowing we are not alone, it is difficult. I think our greatest pain struck us where our greatest light shown the brightest when we entered this realm. Only in healing that pain can we shine our brightest.

      I know certain family members do not feel comfortable around me, and they have tried to imply it’s because I am a certain way(a Gypsy Shaman … Oooo scary!), but it’s really them feeling uncomfortable in my light. They just can’t see for whatever reason. A crystal is always beautiful, but some will believe it’s just a rock. 😉 Oh, and these same family members have Native American and Gypsy blood just like I do, yet I’m the pariah.

      • Heidi
        Heidi says:

        Thank you so much for writing back Rev. Sheri. After reading all that you have been through, what you are feeling, the disappointments and pain, the challenges really can get overwhelming and bring us to our knees – and can unleash a lot of emotions, especially anger.

        I have discovered that anger was fuel for me in the past that helped me confront a lot of difficult challenges…but just this year, I was guided to move out of anger (work in progress) and instead to work deeper on my heart center and to use heart centered fuel – instead of anger fuel. I feel Christ Consciousness energy is helping us all drop into heart center fuel to wash away the deeper anger.

        I have found some amazing spiritual teachers that have helped me so much into understanding how to handle my own personal energy in this intense time we are all experiencing on earth….
        Michael Mirdad has great videos on Christ Consciousness and talks about how we can transform energy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcZCqRnb-yE Susan Shumsky has a POWERFUL book called Instant Healing that I keep next to me every day. She shares amazing prayers in how to gain inner strength and empower one’s self.

        I feel some of us have multiple ‘missions’ that we are tending to while here on earth. Cleaning / clearing out old karmic ancestral patterns (being a stop sign and saying NO to family, old programming is not healthy and it stops with me) along with being a lightworker – shining light on this planet. And it’s also possible we are all to create our own versions of Heaven on Earth while living here, no matter what is going on around us, by stepping into our own power and living our own lives happily – which may mean we are guided to walk away from unhealthy relationships.

        I wrote myself advice recently on how to move on from toxic relationships that were really causing a lot pain in my emotional and mental health. I knew I had to walk away or it would have been incredibly difficult for me to move on in my life. (In my case it was with some family). I wanted to share this with you, I read it when I am feeling angry;
        “The best way to overcome unhealthy relationships is to live YOUR life – HAPPY- on your own – away from crazy dysfunction. I first need to acknowledge my own feelings – not THEIR feelings. After spending time with the pain I had stuffed down and the damage that unhealed pain caused in my life for so long, I learned how to detoxify my mind by reading spiritual and self-help books, learning to re-parent myself and re-program myself through these tools. I had a funeral at an actual cemetery and said goodbye to what would never be and grieved my losses. Then I started living my own life. Instead of feeling anger and pain, I felt FREEDOM. I found when I focused my attention back onto my own energy and not theirs, I realized these souls were wounded – it got easier to move out of pain into forgiveness, especially when healing my own inner child. Forgiveness simply means you are releasing yourself from the past – be free. I am no longer spending my precious energy and time on focusing on all the dramas of the past of toxic individuals because it will keep me in hell with them. After walking away, I finally can see things differently; I realize the toxic behavior from family were programs and patterns they have learned from their family, repeated again and again – all ancestral karma being passed down. When I finally realized I didn’t owe anyone anything – I was free. I get to choose how to live MY life because my life belongs to me. Just move forward, keep going, heal yourself and don’t look back. There’s a new life waiting for you.” (Heaven on Earth)

        I love that we can connect here! 🙂

        • Re (Rev. Sheri)
          Re (Rev. Sheri) says:

          Thank you for that, Heidi. This is a confirmation for me and actually almost exactly what my Grandmother and I talked about yesterday. Our family has a lot of pain carried down. For me personally, growth has been a spiral, and I think it may be that way for many. I have forgiven a lot, and Christ Consciousness has definitely been a big part of that because to forgive what I have forgiven, you have to see the whole person. I see them with the compassion of a mother, almost as if they were my child. Still, that does not always mean I’m going to give anyone the key to my sanctuary.

          The stage I’m in right now, with this anger, it’s new and deeper … hard to explain. It’s about the Native Children, but it’s also about the innocents murdered by the Nazi’s. It’s like I’m forgiving humanity for the times it did not rise.

          There is this book called “The Key” by Whitley Strieber. When I read it, I thought it was just very interesting, but now I’m thinking it may be true. The book basically says that we were supposed to rise as a race during that time but Hitler ruined it.

          I am seeing there were several times humanity could have risen, but there were things that messed it up. Now, humanity is being given the chance to fix these things. Humanity is being given the chance to be compassionate, loving, to choose Christ Consciousness over greed, hostility, hatred and all the nasty stuff going on in the world today.

          By one person forgiving them, it must mean I had past lives in both of these places. I understand that my ceremony will lift up the vibration of pain and anger surrounding the past. However, humanity … I’m not sure I see them being more generous and kind to those who are different than them? I’m not sure they are better now … but I will still do my part. Today I am doing a ceremony. However, humanity will still need to grow. <3

          • Heidi Mentink
            Heidi Mentink says:

            Very cool way to explain about humanity rising and so interesting about the book you mentioned. Thank you for having a wonderful website / platform for all of us to connect and share. Love & peace to all

  3. Julia
    Julia says:

    A few years ago a medium told me I was crystal. But he didn’t know how to explain to me what it means.
    I remmember about my past life, somehow my dreams become True events and… it feels like I can see someone mood and intentions just staring at their eyes.
    And altrought I try not to judge and be kind, I feel a truly disgusting about humanity. It’s so disappointed, people are so cruel and fairness, nobody wants to right things in two. I don’t know what to do, how to start. I feel like I am not doing my best but at The same time, it seems that no one wants to get better. This world feels like a hell and I’ve having ask to God why did he left us here?
    We are nurses but The world don’t wanna any treatment. We can’t help, it feels like a waste of time being here…

    • Re (Rev. Sheri)
      Re (Rev. Sheri) says:

      Dear Julia, I understand your frustration. Being a “crystal adult” means that your soul is unique as Heidi has explained above, but you are not alone … even though it can seem that way. That is a good analogy, that we are all nurses. It can seem like this world is hell, that humanity is lowering the vibration so much that they are creating a hell on Earth. I have been working very hard to increase the vibration, to create Heaven on Earth, but it has been very frustrating, almost debilitatingly so at times. I know that my physical illness has something to do with the harsh energies here, but I keep trying because I know we are here to make things better, and I cannot leave my loved ones here without doing everything I can to try … to try and lift up the vibration.

      My dreams have become true events as well. Sometimes that has been frightening because I thought it was my responsibility to change horrible things that I saw, but sometimes it is just our job to witness. It is very possible that you can “see”/”know” the true intentions of someone, or maybe you just know that something is off but don’t yet know why. It can be especially difficult to know when someone we love is telling us the real truth, at least for me … because I want them to be better.

      God did not leave us here, though. I’m pretty sure we chose this. I know it sounds crazy, and maybe we need to have a very stern conversation with our higher selves about why we agreed to this, but I think maybe we love humanity for some reason, and that is why we cannot give up on them. <3 You're not alone my friend.

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