I am starting to wonder if Mercury went retrograde, and I just wasn’t aware.  It’s no secret that I don’t follow astrological details too closely, so I wouldn’t be surprised.  I do know that Mercury being retrograde usually causes all sorts of issues with communication, and my communications systems have gone haywire recently.  I couldn’t log into my blog and post anything new, my website kept going down, and my email wasn’t working properly.  Everything is okay now, thankfully.

I do want to let everyone know that my old email address, angelmessenger @ cablespeed.com (no spaces), no longer works. The correct email address is sheri @ angelmessenger.net (no spaces).  Of course, if you wish to contact me, the best way to do so is through the contact form on my site.  This form puts your email into a folder that makes it much easier to see.  Otherwise, it might drown in the sea of junkmail I receive, and it’s possible I might never see your message.

You might have noticed that the email trial says the email readings are currently unavailable.  Well, that’s because my paypal account decided to start reselling my email readings for last week that were already sold.  I had planned to offer maybe one or two email readings for this week; my schedule is quite full, but they are already sold.  I offered seven email readings last week that were already sold before the week even started.  It’s kinda funny I guess.  Maybe someone was trying to tell me I should have offered more readings than I did, and I definitely learned that I would have no trouble selling more than I realized.  Since my email address wasn’t working, I changed it in paypal to the new email address, and that caused my paypal account to trip all over itself.  I wasn’t receiving any notices of new orders or payments because those buttons were created when I was logged in under my old email address.  In fact, paypal was sending emails to those people who paid for session saying that their money was unclaimed by me, so some of them canceled their payments.  I had no idea anything was happening until someone contacted me saying they had purchased an email reading but not heard back from me.  Then another client who is scheduled for a telephone session this week received a “your money is unclaimed email” from paypal, so she contacted me.  When I logged into my account, I couldn’t see any payments had been made at all.  According to paypal, they thought there was no account because the email address no longer existed.  I knew the code used to be like this but thought it had changed for reasons difficult to explain, but I was wrong and created a big mess for myself.  So, paypal added my old email back to my account, then I found a way to verify that email address though the account no longer works.  Now, I am receiving payments and notifications of those payments just fine.

Anyway, I wanted to post something on what happened because I know some people tried to order email readings and make payments for upcoming sessions and were confused by what was going on with my site.  Everything is okay now, and just so you know your privacy was never in danger.  If anything, it’s because of paypal security that this all happened.  I would rather have it this way and cause me extra stress than have things be not secure.  It all works out in the end.

For those of you wondering if your payment has been received … BB and JL, your email reading orders were received and will be honored.  You should have received an email from me.  NZ and DR, your orders were canceled and refunded.  You should also have received an email from me explaining what happened.  All telephone appointments for this week, with the exception of JP (scheduled for Wednesday), have been paid in full.  JP, I will be sending you a follow-up email shortly.

While there will not be any email readings available for sale this week, I do plan on offering them in the future.  I will keep everyone posted on that topic.

Thank you for your patience in whatever all this was!  😉

~ Sheri

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2 replies
  1. Betty Blackburn
    Betty Blackburn says:

    Dear Rev. Sheri,
    Do NOT doubt you ability to connect in your e-mail readings. You absolutely have my mother pegged. This is exactly the situation – she is in the hospital, very weak, and probably very frustrated. They are trying to get her to eat, and she cannot undergo any treatments until she is strong enough to eat and walk. So far all she can do is drink a few swallows of Sprite, but cannot keep anything else down.
    I myself have been reluctant to work on my art lately. Heck, I feel guilty for eating, knowing that my mother cannot. But working on a painting, sculpture, something might be the distraction that I need right now. I will try, at least!
    Thank you so much for my e-mail reading. It is good to hear from my loved ones and know that they are they to support and help!
    Betty B.


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