New Service & Special Event: Soul Healing

What is Soul Healing?

Listen to Colleen explain it here …

Soul healing is a combination of hypnotherapy, guided meditation and visualization, remote Reiki energy healing, astrological counseling and working with Angels, Archangels and Healers of the Light.

Freedom illustrationThis combination of techniques, along with the messages and information that Colleen receives from her spiritual guides and teachers of the Light, provides a very powerful, positive and life-changing shift of energy and healing for the individual.

Soul Healing is not a psychic reading. It is a healing that affects the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level of the individual. It is, however, very possible that Colleen may receive intuitive messages and guidance from the Angels and her spiritual teachers that will be helpful to the individual as they proceed on their Path.

Soul Healing can assist, balance, release and heal almost any aspect of an individual’s life.  Read here for more information on the benefits of Soul Healing.

A Soul Healing session can last anywhere from 2-3 hours and can only take place via Skype Video.  The regular rate for this session is $280, though there is now a limited time introductory rate of only $200 for this intensive soul transforming session.

Sessions begin with a preliminary discussion as Colleen gathers information from you that will be helpful before the actual healing takes place.

It will be important to set aside quiet, private time for the Soul Healing session, wear comfortable clothing and sit in a comfortable location, preferably in a reclined position and easily viewed by Colleen for optimal guidance and healing.

Register for Colleen’s Free Online Soul Healing Meditation here.

Schedule your Soul Healing Session below …
(The rate will change to the $200 introductory rate once you pick a date on the schedule.)

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