The Secret that Religion Doesn’t Tell You
by: Richard Blackstone

Your spiritual growth reveals the secret that religion rarely talks about. “You are an eternal being.” Most spirituality information leads you to this conclusion because your spiritual quest is concerned with the interconnectedness of all things and religion is more concerned with its own particular dogma.

This is as it should be. This is just a natural consequence revealing itself. This is “what is so.” No need to get alarmed or panicked (unless you choose to). This is just the natural order of things asserting itself. It is nature at work. We, as human beings, have created everything that has ever happened to this paradise of a planet that we inherited by virtue of our choice to reside here. We created the pollution, the depletion of the ozone layer, the wars, the killing of millions of people, the god of money, the weapons of mass destruction, the extinction of thousands of animal and plant species and religions that teach us that we are all separate.

Now don’t go feeling guilty or bad about this. This is neither right nor wrong. It is only “what is so.” Just like looking at a newborn baby is neither right nor wrong, it is only “what is so.”

This is “what is so” in the present moment of now and the present moment of now is the only thing that really exists in this physical universe.

The past is the past. The future is yet to be. We are wholly defined by the present moment of now. Say Amen.

Once again, our observations tell us that we seem to be at a crossroads in this never-ending process we call Life. We are coming to the end of one cycle in order to begin another cycle. All aspects of life in the physical universe run in cycles. Some might say they run in circles; never-ending eternal circles, or cycles, of life.

It has been well documented by our scientists that in seven years every cell of your body has been completely renewed. So, theoretically, we have a body that is never more than seven years old. This observation alone tells us that our bodies, just like every other aspect of life, run on cycles. If this is so, and it is, then we should actually never put a limit on our body’s span of existence because life moves in cycles, not years, and you cannot limit a cycle.

Cycles have no real beginnings and they never have an ending. They are in the eternal process of fulfilling themselves, and at the same time they are in the eternal process of renewing themselves within the instrument through which it expresses. Your life does not end at seven nor does it ever end. Life is eternal. Life is a process. Life is a never-ending cycle that continually renews itself.

Here’s the really good news. There is not a thing in existence that does not have life. There is nothing that is completely inert. Everything you can think of, from the rocks in your garden to the rocks in the garden on a planet twenty thousand light years away from us, has life.

That is why it is nice to step back and view life from a larger perspective every now and then. Like the old saying tells us, “you can’t see the forest through the trees.” When you are focusing most of your attention on your own life and become immersed in the dramas and experiences that are important to you, you shrink your world of existence down to a small, narrow perspective. You limit yourself as to what you see and how you see it.

When you keep your attention focused on the minute details of your dramas, you allow yourself to live within this belief that you are separate from all people and things in this universe. As you separate yourself from everything that exists, in your mind, you are separating yourself from life.

All life exists everywhere, all the time. It’s all cycling in a never-ending process of renewal. That is the true nature of how things work. If you know that, that is, if you have a true knowing of this through your experience, then you would never again think of yourself as separate because “a knowing eliminates doubt.”

Most people living on this planet today do not have this knowing. That is why most people live their lives through what they believe. Believing something to be true and knowing something to be true are two entirely different levels of awareness. That is why we are here on this planet called earth in this physical universe. Our purpose here is to experience life in all of its different perspectives in order for God to know, through our experiences, all that she knows of as concepts.

Go out and create the experience of understanding your true, authentic self. This knowing about your true self will serve you well in every decision you make in your life.

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