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The Ultimate Devastation of Losing Someone and How to Cope

Losing someone we hold dear to our heart is probably the most painful experience any person can ever go through. When someone we love passes away, it is easy to let oneself sink into a bottomless pit of depression and inertia.

Christmas with Family

You don't want to reopen your own wounds, but I feel like you take a greater risk by not going. The best course of action would be to focus on the spirit of the season ... faith, joy and love.

Knowing When Death Will Come

It may be possible for death to be predestined, but what about free will? I can promise you that Heaven is very big on the whole idea of us making our own decisions. Life itself is a journey. Our path may or may not be predestined, but the choices we make are not.

What a 5 Year Old Understands

Today was an interesting day.  We lost a loved one over the weekend.  It's okay.  I'm doing okay, but my family isn't doing all that great.  It's kind of confusing to explain how she was part of my family ... sort of indirectly related while…