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Our Angel Helpers

For Angels to aid us, it certainly helps if we are willing and able to listen to them in order to receive their help.
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Ride the Wave

One of the things that I hated leaving behind most was access to the ocean. There’s just something about being near it that’s calming to me, and I was always comforted by the fact I could get there anytime I wanted or needed to. What follows is an excerpt of my account of an actual event that took place during my last visit to the shore before I left NJ. I realize it’s a little longer than a typical post, but I hope you find it worth the read!
Serephina Angel Card Extended Description - Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue
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Notice the celestial energy behind the Angel. The Angel is merely the messenger - as with all Divine beings, but the energy behind or supporting her is Divine universal consciousness.
Beacon of Hope
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Gratitude & Receiving

As we just completed our Gratitude Contest, I thought this message from Cheryl Lee Harnish was really fitting for this week. Cheryl's cards are used in the Divine Guidance Oracle Card Readings and the Path of the Soul Oracle Card Readings.
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  According to this card, you've been through some tough times.  Your guides and angels are telling you things are about to get better, and you need to relax and allow the better to happen. Experiencing periods of extreme difficulty…
Beacon of Hope
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"In order to allow your light to fully illuminate, it's time to reconsider those things that no longer serve you."