Premonitions About Death and Dying

This is an excerpt from Fawn’s upcoming book, “Soul Purpose”.

You are always creating your own reality through free will, and many potential futures exist which are based on choices you make right now. If you are not yet able to consciously tune in and read energy this doesn’t mean that you are not gifted enough to ever do so. Reading energy is your soul’s birthright and can be learned just as learning to read a book can be learned.

The most fascinating kind of premonitions are obviously ones about death and dying because death is universal, intensely emotional, inevitable and unknown. There are hundreds of religious beliefs and rituals, which have cropped up over the ages, because of Death.

When someone is about die, energy shifts in subtle ways which allow the dying, their loved ones, and those who are spiritually sensitive, to sense what is happening. Often spirit contact occurs during sleep, as is the case of Chuck who was on an organ donor list in Jacksonville, Florida. He and his wife were waiting for news from Mayo Clinic that a liver donor was available when they experienced something extraordinary one night. The following is his wife’s account:

At approximately 3:00 am, I woke up to the horrible sound of tires screeching on pavement and then a loud ‘thud’ as if the vehicle had made impact with another object. I jumped out of bed which caused my husband to jump up too, asking why. He didn’t hear the screeching like I had. As I was heading for the front door, I told him that I had heard a bad car crash so he followed me out. I stood there in my yard, in my pajamas and looked both ways up and down our street. There was nothing. Everything was still and quiet except for frogs croaking. I couldn’t believe it. I went back into the house and tried to go back to bed but it was still bothering me about what I’d heard. My husband suggested we drive around the neighborhood and out on the highway to see if there had been an accident. We drove around the block, up and down each street, and out on the highway, both ways. There was no accident! However, we got a call early that day from Mayo Clinic announcing a compatible liver for Chuck was available. I began to wonder if his donor died in the car accident I had heard but not seen.

Her auditory crash experience may be a coincidence, but more likely it was a spiritual message from the organ donor. If, when we die, there is an experience of karmic ‘cause and effect’, the liver donor may have been spiritually connected to Chuck and the gift of his organ divinely planned.

Entering Eden, Premonitions About Death & DyingAlthough we may not know the true spiritual meaning of prophetic dreams and premonitions, the fact is, they happen frequently and to many people. There is something within us that can be triggered to have a psychic experience which is innately part of our energetic design, and very real.

Everything is connected and everything is affected by conscious, vibrating, ever learning and expanding energy. Native Americans refer to this energy connection as a Great Web of Life. Albert Einstein describes energy as neither being created nor destroyed, but simply changing from one form to another.

This concept has sound scientific basis in quantum physics, and studies by David Bohm, a physicist who conducted plasma experiments at Berkeley Radiation Lab, show two very significant facts: First, the smallest known atomic particle, an electron, is either a wave or a particle depending on how it is observed, meaning that matter and energy are one in the same at a microscopic level and appear as interchanging, vibrating waves and particles. Secondly, his studies found that all matter continue to affect one another long after they have connected, no matter where they are.

Brohm’s Wave/Particle Theory demonstrates how all fragments of matter continue to affect one another long after a connection; therefore, every choice to act and react has potential to create a powerful effect over a broad range of space and time, much like a ‘ripple effect’, as when a stone falls into still water and expands outward into larger circles on a lake. Quantum Physics suggests that time may not be linear as perceived, but in fact happening all at once, past present and future in a continuum. Energy tends to create a circular rhythm, so if one imagines time as a circle than visions of future events begin to make sense.

Premonitions offer a peek into potential futures based on the current path taken, and they reveal the next big fork in the road we are about to approach.

Spontaneous premonitions about death are common to many, and offer a loved one who is fortunate enough to experience one, evidence of meaning regarding their deeply emotional loss in an otherwise, seemingly, chaotic universe.

Steve Bramschreiber shares a dream premonition about the death of his sister,

The last night my wife and I were in Las Vegas, I had a most vivid nightmare which unfortunately came true. I saw my older sister’s death and funeral right down to the type of casket she was buried in. On Christmas Day 2004 at 3am this became reality. She had been fighting cancer for a year and gone into remission, so we thought. But it came back with a vengeance. I relayed this experience to mom and she said, “You have death visions, just like your grandfather.” Mom says that certain members of our family have been given a gift like this.

Death premonitions do tend to run in families, and my acquaintance, Karen Wood offers another perspective through the experiences of close family members who announced their own deaths:

My father had a twin sister they called May who died when she was 4 years old. One day out on her swing, she told my father she was going on a goodbye journey soon. She died unexpectedly the following week. I also had a 7 year old cousin who told her mother she was leaving on a final trip one week before she died. They were treating her for ADD when actually she had a huge hole in her heart which doctors didn’t know about until her autopsy. My own father was dying from cancer. He carried on conversations with deceased friends wanting him to come with them the day and night before he died. He was on very low doses of meds. He knew who I was, and on his death bed even told my son how to remove a transmission from a car the right and easy way. He didn’t seem to be coming and going like you think someone would who talks normally and then seems to be somewhere else. He was alert and oriented to person place and time, and yet he talked as though these deceased people were there and we all should see them too.

Premonitions come in many forms as can be shown from these examples. The car crash was a wake-up call which had a powerful effect on the man and his wife prior to getting the call about the organ being available. Steve dreamed about his sister and was aware at some level that her time was coming soon, and the two different children who announced their pending ‘death’ journeys brought a sense of meaning, closure and comfort to their family, who otherwise may have lived with immense guilt and regret for not somehow preventing their deaths in advance. Karen’s father just slipped into a ‘knowing’ of his pending death, and began to live in both dimensions just prior to crossing over similar to a lady in this last example, cared for by Karen at a rehabilitation center during high school:

The morning I took her a breakfast roll and coffee, she told me she was going home that day. I didn’t know anything about it, and told her I would check at the nurses’ desk and then help pack her things. She smiled and said “Thank you honey, I would appreciate that.” When I went to pick up her tray, she was as I left her, sitting up with her eyes closed. I thought she was sleeping, but as I moved closer, she didn’t seem to be breathing. So I checked her and discovered no blood pressure. I called in a nurse who verified she was dead. She had to have died shortly after I left her room, and I was gone only thirty minutes. She hadn’t touched her tray, and her coffee was still warm. She went home, but not to the home I thought she meant. I told a nurse what she’d said, and the nurse told me that it’s common in hospitals and nursing homes for patients to talk about leaving and going home before they die.

I would love for readers to share experiences known or told to them.  Please feel free to share in the comments below.

May the light of your soul guide you and bless the work that you do!


Love Fawn

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  1. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    So, I totally believe that people have premonitions. However, I want to know what this means….. The other morning I woke up with an overwhelming feeling of sadness. I felt like someone that I love very much passed away. I am familiar with this feeling, due to I lost a boyfriend when I was a teenager. The thing is, all the people that I love are ok. Why do I feel this way? I am feeling sad off and on. I am for the most part a joyful spirited and happy person.

    Also, my mom was crying off and on for about a month, before my grandfather died. Only, my mom didn’t know that my grandpa was gonna pass. It is like her emotional self was getting prepared.

    Can someone please respond. Please. My heart is so heavy.

  2. gina
    gina says:

    I was out of the country visiting my husband, we were staying at a motel room 22. All night the first night I dreamed of 22 the number 2 adding 1 and 1 just over and over waking and 2s going over over in my head it was very irritating. 3 days later I headed back to the us as soon as my cell picked up a signal it rang , my father had passed away on the 22. He died 4. 22 11

  3. Christina
    Christina says:

    When I was 15 years old I told a friend that I would only make it to 40 years old. On August 26, I will be 40. In the last 6 months I repeatedly see the numbers 8/26 everywhere. Clocks and timers especially. I have been having a lot of health problems and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I think I have cancer and am going to die on August 26, 2014.
    Aside from health issues, do you think there is any truth to this ‘premonition’ that I am experiencing.

    • Jillian
      Jillian says:

      In my experience, the fear that I would not live past age 41 (the age
      that my Dad died of a massive heart attack and the age my Mom was diagnosed
      with Stage 4 breast cancer) ended up being just that- a fear. I am now 44.

      While I do believe people can have premonitions, I also know how fear can
      heighten awareness of certain details, eg., for me I noticed (obsessed really) the number “41”
      very frequently from about age 30 on. Every birthday from 30 on up was rough for me.
      I really regret having wasted so much energy & time in thinking about when I would die instead of enjoying each day as it came. My fear was very debilitating to me in a lot of ways.
      My thoughts are that while what you’re experiencing may be premonition,
      if it feels to be more fear-based or obsessive that it’s possible it’s not.

      A friend of mine recently had an aneurysm & stroke.
      She’s still in ICU. About 3 months before this happened, I had
      lunch with her, & she made two statements
      during our conversation that struck me as odd then. She commented on both
      my new glasses & about my recent car repairs by saying
      she would not be buying any more glasses or cars. That what she
      currently had would be her last. I thought of this after I heard of
      her aneurysm/stroke, & it gave me chills! When she said these
      things to me though, I was the one feeling uneasy, she
      was perfectly calm and accepting of what she’d said.

      What helped me the most especially when I was in that year before
      my 41st birthday was to focus on spiritual activities like
      prayer and meditation. When I felt restless, doing something physical helped-
      walking, drawing or writing.
      Thoughts & prayers for you!

  4. keligraphy
    keligraphy says:

    I am not sure if this counts as a death premonition. But I have a couple of strange instances that I’ve only recently started having. One about 2 or 3 years ago I had a bad dream my husband and daughter got into a car accident. I woke up uneasy and made myself go back to sleep. You see my husband was out with my daughter and I was taking a nap. My mom jolted me awake saying she had terrible news. Fortunately for me it wasn’t my daughter and husband, but a very close friend was shot. What made it even more perplexing is I went 7 years without a thought about her. The day just before I thought about her and thought about death. I rode it off as coincidence, but a few months ago I got sick. And worried. I looked at my mom and said i know this sounds weird but I have a feeling someone is going to be in the hospital. And it won’t be good. Two days later I get a call from my dad telling me my grandmother is dying in the hospital. Am I reading too much into these instances?

  5. Leanna
    Leanna says:

    Hey Fawn:

    In the summer of 2012, my brother & my sister-in-law made plans to spend Christmas that year with my husband and myself @ a cabin in TN. A friend of my husband’s wanted to fly in to visit with us for Christmas. My husband was upset that we would have to cut our trip to the cabin short so that his friend could stay @ our place when he arrived. For a couple months he remained upset until I had my premonition of his friend’s grandmother passing away. I told my husband that his friend would not be able to come because of a death in the family. My husband couldn’t believe what I had told him. A week before Christmas his friend called to let us know he would not be coming because his wife’s grandmother had just passed away. I had never met the lady who passed away.

  6. Pili
    Pili says:

    Hello Fawn,

    I enjoyed your article very much. In fact I can relate an experience such as the ones you describe. When I visited my grand-dad in Florida years ago, he woke up one night talking to someone in a loud voice. When asked, he said that his brother was there. This happened several nights and every time my aunt told him that there was no one there and he should go back to sleep. I somehow sensed that he wasn´t imagining things. This was confirmed one morning when I was on the garden and I suddenly saw someone at my side who said “hello” to me and then disappeared. I knew it was my grand-dad´s brother, the resemblance was huge. I also saw a tiny old woman who I think must´ve been their mother; and other members of the family. Even though my grand-dad was physically quite well I knew he was going to die soon. He died a few months later just before his 97 birthday. That experience taught me that we don´t die alone, our deceased loved ones come to us and help us in the transition.

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