Perfect Little Friends for You

Do you need a little buddy that is friendly and doesn’t care what you look like in the morning?  Well, then I have the perfect solution for you!  I have several little fury friends around my house who desperately need homes.  There are four kittens that are about three months old and four that are about 4 weeks old.  They are strays that I am trying my best to rescue.  Every shelter I have called has suggested that I call the Humane Society or my local Animal Control.  Well, I’ve done the research and can’t do that.  I beleive every life is precious.  In my house, we take bugs outside … no squishing please!  I live in a small ranch style house and already have three cats (one of which was a stray six years ago), a large black dog, a five year old and a husband.  I can’t really permanently fit more little friends in my house, even though I would love to.

The Breakdown:

I personally believe these kittens would be better off in pairs as they are very attached to each other …

Indie:  black and gray tabby (male – @ 3 mos old); kinda fiesty and likes to play.  Indie (Indiana Jones, actually) loves being with Sam and Daisy.  Has been indoors and is well behaved, but he is not 100% trusting of people yet.

Sam/Sammy: black and grayish, but mostly black, tabby (male – @ 3 mos old); very sweet and friendly, loves his belly rubbed, purrs very loud and makes little talking sounds, already litter trained and very good in the house, likes to sleep in secluded places (I absolutely love this baby!)  Sam loves my five year old son.  He wants to be friends with my adult cats, but they are a little snobby.  He is a little afraid of my big black dog.

Jack/Boots: black, white and gray tabby (male – @ 3 mos old) – has white feet like boots; Jack is not really that trusting of people yet, he acts sort-of regal and seems to be the leader of the band here.  I think he is one of the most beautiful male cats I’ve ever seen.  He seems to like to hang out on his own, but definitely loves his siblings.  Jack would probably do well as a house cat, but he does love outside.  He is good with another adult female stray and doesn’t seem to be bothered by my other adult cats.

Daisy: absolutely beautiful calico kitty (female – @ 3 mos old) – I believe she is the perfect kitty!  She is very friendly and loves my five year old son.  She is litter trained same as Sam and loves being with her brothers.  Very playful.  Not as afraid of my dog as Sam; likes other cats.  It’s very difficult for me to give this one away, just like Sam.  They are both absolutely wonderful.

If you have any interest in these little friends, please let me know.  I guess this is probably limited to those of you who are local to Webberville, Michigan.  I’m sure they wouldn’t very much like airplanes.  😉

Please contact Sheri at 248-686-2503 or

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