New Moon Solar Eclipse

We have some amazing things going on in the sky this month starting today with the New Moon Solar Eclipse and finishing with a Lunar Eclipse on November 28. This new Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, which is extra special for me because I am a Scorpio. A new Moon in general is about new beginnings, and the Scorpio energy is about finding truth deep within.

Today’s Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse is about rising to the higher sign of the Phoenix. For me, this energy is about taking action on things that I’ve known deep down for some time. It’s time for me to spread my wings and fly! I’m very excited about this energy and can’t wait to see all the possibilities it brings. Especially since I am in a year of new beginnings, this energy will likely propel me into a direction that helps me to release my hidden ability for self-expression both through intuition and creative outlets.  (This energy is wonderful for revealing what has been hidden.)

A total solar eclipse like this one is very powerful, especially piggybacking onto a new Moon. This is a powerful combination between the sun and the moon, masculine and feminine energy, strength/action and intuition/deep inner knowing. The effects of this energy could be felt for the next six months and maybe even longer. Remember, we also have a lunar eclipse at the end of the month.

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Watch the skies, and have a beautiful day!  Remember not to look directly at the sun, however; it will hurt your eyes.  😉

Angel Blessings,


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