My last couple of posts have been so emotionally straining that I decided I needed a lighthearted post in here somewhere.  Being a Scorpio, I tend to feel things very deeply, but sometimes I just need to chilax!  So, that’s what I’m doing here for a minute.  I’m just talking to you like I’m chatting on the phone with a friend or somethin’.  🙂

My munchkin is outside playing some basketball in our near spring weather.  The sun is shining, and there’s still snow on the ground, but he’s out there in a sweatshirt shooting hoops – gotta love that!  I have all the shades open in the house to let in as much sun as possible.

Today was a good day.  It was a full day of appointments, but I’m actually not too tired.  Tomorrow, I’ll be working on a project during the day and then have more readings at night.

Speaking of projects, I think my guides have been trying to get me to put together a psychic development class.  I did have a similar class I taught before on the topic, but I haven’t held that class in a while.  Before, I didn’t have a good place to have classes, but moving solved that.  I have a great space for classes now, and I’ve been really thinking about teaching again.  If I put together the psychic development class, I will want to make some major changes to the class I had originally put together.  It needs more … something.

My family went to see Rango over the weekend, and there was a funny preview for the next Kung Fu Panda movie that keeps sticking in my head.  The panda was zooming along on a street when a cryptic voices says, “Watch for the signs.”  The panda says, “What signs?” and then proceeds to get whacked in the head with all kinds of literal signs as he’s zooming along on the road.  Then he says something like, “Those signs really hurt!”  I think we’ve all hit some of those signs at some time in our lives, huh?

I don’t know why that came to mind all of a sudden.  Maybe it’s because the signs I’ve been seeing that I need to put together this class, but there’s still a lot I’m unsure about with it.  I think it needs more than two days, so a weekend class might not be enough.  I need to revamp the book, too.  It’s on my “to do” list, I guess.

Well, it looks like it’s time for homework now …

Happy Monday,


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