The hunt is on! My family is officially looking for a new house, and it has been a crazy journey so far. nice house picOver the last few months, I had been keeping an eye on prices and properties but not being real serious as we didn’t yet know for sure what we were going to do. But, now we are about 98% sure we will be moving sometime this summer. I have looked at about 15 houses in the last week and a half. I’m glad that I decided to take pictures of the ones I liked because they’re all starting to run together now.

We are currently considering two houses in Fowlerville. One house is in town but set back from the road in a hidden driveway. It’s surrounded by other houses but still has some privacy because of trees that surround the yard. This house sits on about a half acre lot which is the biggest positive for me. The downside is that there isn’t really a nice master bedroom, and there is a mold issue in the basement that will have to be professionally cleaned. That scares me a little because both my husband and son have bad allergies, and that kind of stuff tends to trigger migraines for me. I know it can be cleaned, but I worry about where else the mold spores might have gotten into like the heating/cooling ducts. The other house we are considering is in a subdivision just off Van Buren in Fowlerville. I never thought I would like subdivisions because there’s not really much privacy, but I am considering this one because the house is incredible! It has a second floor laundry, which is where the bedrooms are. I would also still get my private office on the main level with a half bath in the kitchen for guests. Another great feature is that is has a massive 14×17 master bedroom with it’s own bathroom and walk-in closet.   This is great because right now my bed is against the wall and squeezed into my room so tightly that I have to scoot down to the end of the bed, maneuvering around cats and my dog on the floor, just to visit the bathroom at 3am.  It’s really a pain.  The master bath is a shower only, and I would definitely prefer a tub. Other than that, it could definitely be my own personal retreat. That might make up for having no yard at all. There is a nice pond with a bike path. There is also a nice playground for my son.

For my Lansing area clients, this won’t be too much more of a drive – really about the same distance because these two houses are less than half a mile from the Fowlerville exit off I-96. I am interested in any feedback anyone might have about living in a subdivision, especially Red Cedar Crossing. Please email me at if you have any info you’d like to share.

Oh, that reminds me! Please update your address books to as my old email ( will no longer work when I move.

Have a great weekend!

~ Sheri

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