My husband arrived home this evening to tell me that he was almost in a serious accident on the expressway this morning. Around 8:45am this morning, there was a woman driving the wrong way on I-96. My husband, Bill, could see cars ahead of him flying off the the road to avoid something but couldn’t tell what was going on. Then he saw a car driving straight at him, and he couldn’t get out of her way. Thankfully, she was able to swerve around him at the last second. I guess a couple of weeks ago, a young woman committed suicide using this method near the same area. The way it sounds, it’s a good possibility this might have been a similar situation. She whipped around Bill going at least 60mph, and it was obvious that she knew what she was doing since she’d already driven so many other cars off the road.

your_guardian_angel_by_micoi Bill didn’t tell me about this until he arrived home about an hour ago. He knew how I would react … badly! I’ve had many – too many – dreams of my husband dying or being seriously injured in a car accident. I can’t imagine why she swerved when she did, but I’m so very thankful. They would have hit head on, and it would have been VERY serious. Every single morning that my husband leaves the house, I pray for his safety and that he will have a good day. I’m just so very thankful someone listens to my prayers and that Bill’s guardian angels were watching over him so closely today. The weird thing is that I actually had a dream about being in a car accident myself this afternoon. I had fallen asleep from the cold medicine and dreamed that I had to swerve around a line of traffic because I couldn’t stop for some reason. We don’t know what happened with the woman. There didn’t seem to be anything on the news. When Bill called 911, the operator said they were already aware of the situation and someone was responding. My husband said he thought it might have been an elderly woman. From what he could see, it was someone small who seemed to reach just above the steering wheel. I just hope that she was stopped and no one was injured. It was just so crazy!

Thank you, Michael, for watching over my husband and please continue to do so 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I cannot bear even the thought of losing him. He is everything to me … the only man brave enough to love me, the safe haven of my heart and the guardian of my soul.

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