Christmas Angel covered in iceHappy Monday & Happy Holidays!

Just about everyone I know here in Michigan is out of power and estimates for restoration run anywhere from Thursday to Saturday.  That’s not good for the week of Christmas – or any week that the temp. is around 20 degrees. 

Rev. Colleen is out of electricity, so her weekly Angel Card Reading video will be at least late and may have to be skipped this week.  My family actually does have electricity, and we are so thankful.  Lots of people have been stopping by to get warm and take showers.  I think all family Christmas gatherings are going to be at my house starting tonight as well. 

We have all kinds of tree parts down in our back yard, and the fences are frozen closed.  It will be difficult to get it all cleaned up, but we have to do it because the cable line ripped off our house (damaged the siding) and is laying across our back yard under some huge branches.  Luckily, we still have internet and power, and we are praying to keep it.  However, we have enormous trees in our back yard that are really drooping over the roof of our house.  That’s a bit scary, so we’re praying extra hard.  😉 

Needless to say, there’s a lot to be done, so we will not be able to offer as much on the Angel Messenger website this week.  I do have a wonderful new practitioner to share with you, and I hope to post something about her soon.  But, sometimes you gotta take care of your family and your community first. 

We at Angel Messenger wish you all a very Happy Holiday season!

Much Love & Angel Blessings,

Rev. Sheri

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  1. Louise
    Louise says:

    Just wanted to send a message to say hope you are all well after the storms over in USA and all able to enjoy Christmas. I may be weird but I feel it adds a kind of magic and forces people to come together which is often a good thing in this busy world. Wishing you all the best for 2014 and many thanks for the comfort your angel cards have brought me in the last year.
    Best wishes
    Cleveland, UK xx

    • Rev. Sheri
      Rev. Sheri says:

      Thank you, Louise. Actually, it was a bit magical how it all worked out. I have been wanting to have the holidays at our house for a few years now, but my mom-in-law is ill and prefers to never leave her own house. But, they are still out of electricity. We ended up having two family Christmas events at our house, and it was great. My mom-in-law had to leave her house, but it was good for her, and she enjoyed herself. Sometimes things just are what they need to be. 🙂

      Angel Blessings,



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