The Magic of Moonglow

Full Ice Moon in Leo
Monday, February 9, 2009
20° ? 59′
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
20° ? 52′

(Also Storm Moon, Horning Moon, Hunger Moon, Wild Moon, Red & Cleansing
Moon, quickening Moon, Big Winter Moon.)

On, Monday, February 9, 2009, at 7:00 pm, the Triple Goddess Bookstore, 2142
Hamilton Road, Okemos, telephone (517) 347-2112, e-mail:, will host a free ceremony to honor the Full Ice Moon.
Everyone is welcome.
This Full Ice Moon in Leo awakens our personal power and fuels our innate
creativity; we are surrounded with the perfect energy to stimulate
self-realization and actualization. However, the ego-driven energies of Leo
are balanced by a cluster of planets in Aquarius and the Lunar Eclipse. The
Aquarian influence elevates our focus, lifting our thoughts above our own
immediate needs and wants to a vision of global transformation. (To learn
more about the Lunar Eclipse, see NASA’s homepage at
Although Leo and Aquarius seem to be about opposing interests, these
energies can be combined to use Leo’s leadership, belief in self, and
creative talents to accomplish Aquarian goals that demand radical change
based on vision and unwavering belief. Aquarius’s demand for the higher
path and its emphasis on humanitarian goals take us beyond our own
day-to-day concerns to pursue a higher path.
This Full Ice Moon in Leo is offset by multiple layers of Aquarian influence
with Mars (aggressive action), Jupiter (expansion and inspiration), the
North Node (growth), Sun (energy and motivation), Chiron (wounded healer),
and Neptune (connectivity)–all resting in this sign of the water-bearer.
These combine with Pluto (judgment and transformation) and Mercury (thinking
and speaking) in Capricorn, joining with their power to ground us, placing
reality squarely in front of our mind’s eye and bringing about an accounting
that reveals hidden truths and erases false fronts. And, finally, Saturn in
Virgo in opposition to Uranus in Pisces makes it impossible to forget that
personal sacrifice is a necessary part of our accepting our responsibility
to bring about much needed change and to lift humanity to a higher plane.
We are the creators of our own existence. This could not be more clear than
it is under this Full Ice Moon in Leo.
The planets in Aquarius and Capricorn combine to provide a powerful push
forward, an enormous burst of energy that we can use in a realistic and
responsible manner due to the influence of Saturn and Uranus. We must not
look to gimmicks or even to so-called leaders; we must look to ourselves.
The power to transform lies in our minds, our hearts, and now rests in our
hands. This Full Ice Moon in Leo is not a time to reduce your focus to your
personal neediness; but, rather it is a time to expand your perspective to
considering the greater questions that go to the purpose of human existence
and our gift of free will that enables us to touch the divine, to reach to
limitless possibilities and change our world for the better.
It is now time to implement your intentions. Leo is a strong fire sigh and
as we burn the candles in our ceremony and as we burn our written intentions
in the cauldron, releasing them to the ether, we will feel the combined
force of the strength, passion and limitless energy being activated by Leo’s
fire and the luminous magical light of the Full Moon. This concentrated
energy and powerful magic can enable us to accomplish anything, to see
beyond the limits of need, want or fear-to know the power of true
creativity, vision and the power of our combined love of the life force. We
will cast the spent ash to the four winds, embracing the power from each
direction in the heavens to bless our intentions and to bring success and
true accomplishment.
For those whose Sun sign is Leo, this is a night to shine-and Leo loves to
shine. Use your creativity, your charisma, your gifts for flair and
romance, to make the most of this time and to share your fire with those
around you. Make it an exciting and wondrous evening! Use your fire for
love taking advantage of the placement of Venus (love) in Aries-make your
romantic relationship new and exciting or begin a new one with honest
intent. Be careful not to drift into over-indulgence-yes, you are worth it,
but don’t dip into vanity and frivolous self-indulgence. If you are
naturally creative, this is a time to unleash your inspiration. Give your
thoughts and feelings concrete expression. Weed out false starts and focus
on results.
The Full Ice Moon in Leo reminds us of our personal power and the
surrounding planets help us to use it responsible and with great focus.
It’s time to act with a view to real accomplishment. This is not the time
to indulge your ego, but to increase the true expression of your soul with
positive action.
The Full Ice Moon in Leo is the perfect time to celebrate life.

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