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Interpreting the Free Online Angel Card Readings

Many of the questions I receive are about interpreting the free online angel card readings. And, actually, that is one area of my site that I have been working on ideas to improve upon. I know sometimes it can be difficult to interpret the meaning of the cards, and that
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Ask Sheri - Bad Guardian Angels?

Recently I started to "communicate" with my guardian angel. Since then quite often I have this feeling that someone stands behind my left shoulder and is watching over me. Could it be that it is my guardian angel? I am confused, because recently I came across one book about angels and there the author mentioned that every person has 2 angels - one good and the bad one. The author also said that the bad one stands behind the left shoulder. Is that truth? Is the bad one watching over me?
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Ask Sheri - Is Suicide My Only Way Out?

"I have had a very difficult time for the last two years, and I don't see another way out other than suicide. Will you help me?" - X

Ghost Hunters on Mackinac Island

I was browsing my DVR this morning for something to watch and realized there were some new Ghost Hunters episodes recorded, and one of them was for Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island. Since I'm a native Michigander and have actually stayed at that resort, I had to watch the episode.
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Defining Moments

As you may know, I've had a few posts lately about the tragedy in Japan. It started with a question in my "Ask Sheri" column, and one of my readers recently posted a comment I thought deserved a bit more attention ...

A Great Akashic Reading!

I recently had an Akashic Reading with Mona Wind that was absolutely wonderful! You might recognize Mona's name from her article, entitled "What Is Stopping Me From Love", that was recently posted here on my site. The reading Mona did for me was the Akashic Record Relationship Reading, and I found it so interesting and accurate that I had to ask her how she does it.
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Life Unanswered

It is with a heavy heart I write today. I didn't know why I'd been thinking about my own past so much recently and why the topic of teen suicide had been entering my mind. Suicide is something that breaks my heart in a way that I cannot even explain.
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What Is Stopping Me From Love?

When I hear this question I know the person is coming from a belief system, thought pattern that has been programed into them. There is a block that makes them think that for some reason they are not capable of finding the kind of love they really deserve. That there is something wrong inside of them.
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Modern Science Proving Sensitive Connections

Modern science is finally beginning to understand what most of us have known for a long time. Some people are more sensitive to picking up on subtleties, such as the emotions of another person. There's so much human beings do not understand…
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Very Important - Please Read this statement about advertisers on my site ...

Ads on my site are not in any way affiliated with Angel Messenger. This morning, someone contacted me about a woman named Gabriella, the psychic, who she purchased a reading from through an ad on my site. Gabriella is a scam.  When I did a…