Fawn is an amazingly accurate Psychic and Shamanic Practitioner. She was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and is currently a contributing author here at Angel Messenger.

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Oceana reminds that you are connected to Source. In many cultures it is a spiritual belief that ocean water is the essence of all life, and because we have salty blood like salty ocean water, that we are divine creatures with a common thread of creation within us.
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Premonitions About Death and Dying

The most fascinating kind of premonitions are obviously ones about death and dying because death is universal, intensely emotional, inevitable and unknown. There are hundreds of religious beliefs and rituals, which have cropped up over the ages, because of Death.
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Orion and Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue

Years ago, the morning after Grama died her body was picked up by a hearse. I couldn’t bring myself to witness this, so I traveled an hour away to Lexington where a psychic fair was happening.
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Meeting My Spirit Guide

It was 1986 on a Sunday at dawn. I’d just finished a dew filled five mile jog around the college gardens of Berea, Kentucky. My twenty year old body tingled with joyful fatigue as I collapsed on my bed in the dorm room. There was still time…
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Healing Through Grief

Home again, after a long awesome weekend in the mountains ~ soaking in the hot springs . . . and participating fully in a powerful intense weekend of community and open heart-ed sharing. We learned African Dagara Grief Ritual, with our teacher,…
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The Porcelain Doll

The Porcelain Doll - Crossing Over Connections - Grandma made a porcelain doll for my 10th birthday. She sewed and stuffed its body and then attached a white porcelain baby doll head to it. An old lady named Mary who lived on the corner…
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Creating Your Sacred Space - A Gift to your Soul

Creating Your Sacred Space - A Gift to your Soul - Every soul deserves a sacred space, a place to connect to Source, to focus on what is sacred and passionate within her heart. In this sacred space a soul is free to connect to God, through…
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Ripple Effect

My simple compliment became the glow traveling through her life, created energetically first by me, then on though her and to others. I basked in bliss, knowing we create our own heaven just as we create our own hell, and awoke determined to choose each word and action thereafter with love.
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Manifesting - Materializing Objects with Fantasy

Fantasizing is a form of active visualization where the emotional connection to a desire is very strong. Because emotions are so intense with fantasy, you can often create a materialization of what you want even quicker than using only a mental image.