I had a vision today that is for one of my clients. I can’t remember her name, but my connection to her during the vision was strong. I usually don’t have visions like this unless I have a session coming up soon with that person, but today was an exception. The message I have is for a woman who works in the Lansing area … maybe Okemos. Her name may begin with an “M” or have someone close to her with that initial. I believe she is currently somehow connected to real estate. The message is because she has been working on a business which may have something to do with feng shui, but she hasn’t really seen the success she hoped for. The problem I see is that this person may be trying to pull away from real estate which might be a mistake.

“Don’t ignore the experience you have” is the message. I think maybe this person should be helping people sell their homes or somehow changing the energy of homes that are not selling using knowledge of feng shui. The vision I had was of watching someone do this in a professional capacity. She was being paid for a service that feels to me like a cross between home staging and feng shui. Actually, I was the person in my vision. My point of view was hers, so I don’t know what she herself looks like. She/I was talking to someone about what she does. It was like I was in communication with her higher self because I believe she may be nervous about expressing her talent for some reason but she shouldn’t be. This person has a creative mind and may also be talented with painting. I was seeing reds and purples, and the woman was talking about personal power or creating an energy of power. If you believe this message is for you, please email me at sheri@angelmessenger.net with your full name and date of birth so that I can confirm whether or not this message is for you. There is no charge for this … there’s just obviously a reason you need the information. I hope it helps.

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