Hello Everyone,

Just sending out an update on the astrological energies happening right now…………..they are intense energies with a lot of changes and redirections happening……………..

The week of September 16th – September 22nd is full of a tremendous amount of energies that will be assisting us in moving forward, expanding our energies in the directions that we need to go and transforming and releasing old energies that need to fall away.

Monday, September 16th, Mercury opposes Uranus so be aware of enlightening messages and communications that come our way…………new, inventive and unique solutions to changes we are initiating in our lives.

Wednesday, September 18th, Venus, North Node and Saturn all conjunct in Scorpio securing, solidifying and manifesting the beginning of a Path. It will anchor in new energies according to the direction we need to move into.

Thursday, September 19th, we have the Full Moon at 26-27 degrees Pisces bringing energies to a conclusion…….this is the last sign of the zodiac and so it is a culmination of the astrological year’s events and situations in our lives.

And, I would say, the most significant energy this week – Friday, September 20th, Pluto, planet of powerful transformations, and bringing things that are hidden to light, is turning to direct motion! When a slow moving planet, like Pluto, stations to turn either retrograde or direct, you will certainly feel the energies. Since Pluto also rules power, big corporations and business that deal with money finance, and control over the people, you will find that secrets will now be uncovered and exposed and a very visible breaking down of the old patriarchal system will become more apparent. This is a wonderful thing as we are moving towards a society and a world where freedom and equality are our birthright……………where all people are ONE………………where there is support and love for one another and peace and balance for the planet!

On Sunday, September 22nd, we have the Autumnal Equinox and the Sun moves from Virgo into Libra. Now we move into the Harvest Time where we can reap our rewards for our patience, determination and efforts of the past few months!

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Peace, Love and Blessings to everyone,

Rev. Colleen Lemma

Spiritual Consultant & Angelic Astrologer

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