“I have known this person for several years, there has always been an attraction between us. We are both unavailable for a relationship with each other. But we did at one time last year share our feelings with each other. It felt good in a way to me to know he at least shared the same feelings. Now this year, when I last seen him this Summer (we only see each other a few times a year) He has completely stopped talking to me, can’t even look at me. Broke my heart because I want to know if he really meant all he said before. We have not had an affair so I don’t think what he told me was because of wanting a physical relationship.

I am not trying to contact him in any way or anything like that, but I had hoped we would at least be able to talk to each other like adults. What is going on in his head, does he hate me or what? It’s like he is mad at me for making him feel something?? This situation has just really been on my mind for a whole year. Any guidance would be so appreciated! This whole thing has just messed up my emotions and I really can’t talk to anyone about it. Thank you!”

This situation has less to do with you and more to do with him. I am so sorry you were hurt by this. I immediately started picking up on what was really going on, and the numerology of your birth dates confirmed my thoughts. You do have a connection with this man … from a past life.

You are meant to be a teacher to him in this life, but I don’t feel it being anything more than that. In your past lifetime with him, it’s very possible that not listening to you caused him some pain and regret, which you then took upon yourself. Don’t repeat the past – don’t own the feelings of what is going on here.

Your soul is very comfortable to him, and you were there when he needed someone to talk to. He was feeling a little like a caged animal at that point – not being able to express himself in the way he needs to. His soul felt a little trapped. You helped him realize what was most important.

Whether you realize it or not, you helped him to focus more on commitment and family. This is a good thing – for both of you. I know it hurts. I know it’s confusing. But, please believe me when I say that your job there is completed. It’s time to move on.

Allow yourself to love someone else. The truth here is that you two are soul-friends; your souls recognize each other as that. He may very well be angry with himself for opening up to you, but that is his to own – not yours. Let go of this hurt. You deserve better than that.

Blessings and Light


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