Angel Messenger has gone through several incarnations since we first set foot online. Currently, we focus on offering different products and services designed to help you connect with your angels, spirit guides and loved ones in Heaven. Our goal is to help people find their own spiritual truths and achieve real spiritual growth.

You’ll find our top questions below. Please do take a moment to skim though and see if your question has been answered. However, if you have a question that has not been answered here, please feel free to contact us.

Angel Messenger Frequently Asked Questions:

What free services do you offer?

Though we do not offer free private one-on-one sessions, you will find some great free products and services offered on this site.

Our most popular free service is understandably our Free Online Angel Card Readings. However, we also offer free introductory minutes for on-demand readings through our affiliates.

We also offer several free and low cost products in our online store.

Please Note: Please DO NOT send your personal details to our customer service email asking for a private reading. It seems no matter how clear we are on this, we still get these emails. We do not offer free email readings or any other type of private one-on-one type reading. We simply no longer respond to these emails.

Why do you have ads on your website?

Over half a million people from all over the world visit our site every month. This is a huge constraint on our server which costs a lot to keep running, not to mention the added security required nowadays as well as the many other expenses required to run a business like this. We do not charge a membership fee for our services; they are free as are most of our products. It is important to us that we continue to be able to offer our free online angel card readings for free for everyone. With all the necessary resources required to host and operate such a website, the ads on our site cover more than half of our operating costs. (Donations in 2015 amounted to less than 1% of our operating costs.) At this time, no ads means no website. Donations are accepted here.

There are many different business models. Some websites offer maybe one free reading (a sampling) and then charge a monthly fee for the rest of their services. Others might offer costly products and services. With our new website, one of our main goals was to continue to offer our free and low-cost services and products to all the people who visit our site from all over the world without adding monthly fees. We apologize if you find our ads to be a distraction. However, we are essentially getting Google (and other advertisers) to pay costs that we then do not need to pass on to our website visitors. Free for our visitors means financial support has to come from somewhere. It is also our hope that at least some of the advertisers we work with also provide additional benefit to our visitors.

Basically, working with advertisers and affiliates allows us to do this work, and we feel that work is important.

How do I schedule a session?

Angel Messenger no longer schedules appointments for practitioners. Instead, we offer live on-demand readings through reputable companies. (We are affiliated with the companies on our on-demand readings page. So, when you get an on-demand reading from our recommended companies, Angel Messenger receives some sort of financial compensation.) This is one way you can help support the work we do here, though most of our revenue comes from ads and donations.

If you would prefer to connect with a practitioner from our old team, all of our previous practitioners have pieces they’ve written that we still promote. Each piece includes an author bio with information on how to connect with the practitioner. For your convenience, here are quick links to posts written by those practitioners … Rev. Colleen, Heidi, Kathi, Fawn and Roger. (To connect with one of these practitioners, simply click on one of their posts. The bio at the end of the post includes a link to their personal website or scheduling system.)

Click here for a right now live on-demand reading.

Where can I purchase the cards used in the Free Online Angel Card Readings?

The cards used in our free online angel card readings are the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Cards and the Messages From Your Angels Cards both by Doreen Virtue. We also use 13 of Doreen’s Life Purpose Oracle Cards in our Life Purpose Angel Card Reading. Doreen has several oracle card decks available.

These products are available at Amazon. Angel Messenger is an affiliate of, so most products you purchase on Amazon through a link on our site grants us a small percentage of the sale.

Here’s a direct link to the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Cards:

Here’s a direct link to the Messages from Your Angels Oracle Card Deck:

Here’s a direct link to the Life Purpose Oracle Card Deck:

How do I open/print your PDF files?

Many of the downloadable items in our online store are provided via PDF download format. This means that, once you purchase the item, you will receive access to a PDF file that you can download. This is your purchased product. Adobe Reader is the most common way to view and print PDF files, but other options include PDF-XChange Viewer or FoxIt Reader. (These are all free programs.)

How do I save/print my reading?

Unfortunately, our reading software is not able to save readings. However, you are able to save a screenshot of a page. This article explains how to take a screenshot using your PC (for free), and here’s an article on how to save a screenshot using a MAC. Here’s a cheat sheet that might be helpful as well.

Share Your Readings on Social Media

Simply click on one of the social icons (Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest) that appear when you hover over the image. Also, if you highlight any text, you’ll be able to share that on social media as well. 🙂

Software Options:
These software options are downloadable software that you can use to take screen shots of just about any website. We are not affiliated with these software companies but are recommending them as they may be helpful to you. Please direct any questions regarding these software options to their specific websites/companies.

1. Awesome Screenshot is highly recommended by our web developer. There is a paid version, but our guy uses the Free Chrome Add On and says it is very user friendly.

2. Rev. Sheri uses FireShot Pro, which is also a paid version. They used to have a free version, but we are not sure if they still offer one. Check out their demo!

Your website isn’t working! (especially the mobile version)

The mobile site is what’s called a responsive design, so the website is programed to take what is on the normal, desktop version of the site and resize it to fit your screen. It places the share buttons at the bottom of the screen because leaving then on the side (like it is on the desktop version) would cover the actual content. Having it at the bottom leaves all the content viewable.​​ We also purposely made the fonts larger because the fonts on our old site were much smaller than what is considered industry standard, and many of our older visitors where having trouble reading the smaller text.

We have really tried to design the site so that it is most usable to the most people.

If you are having issues with our website, there are a couple of things you should try …

  1. Try refreshing your browser. Browsers will cache (save) portions of websites – especially those you visit often – in an effort to bring that website up faster next time you request it. If refreshing your browser does not work, try closing the browser and re-opening it. If you are on a phone, tablet, etc., you may need to restart your device. Here is a link on how to clear your browser cache:
  2. Try updating your browser (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer). If you are using something like Internet Explorer 6 or some other really old browser, there’s a chance that you may have trouble with our website. Our design is a well-tested and very popular design, but designers can’t test on every browser that has ever existed. There’s a reason new browsers are created and old ones are no longer supported. Much of that is security. You should always try to use the newest version of your browser available.
  3. If you are having trouble getting the cards to refresh, keep in mind that they will only refresh every 90 seconds (sometimes a couple of minutes). If it’s been longer than this amount of time, and you have also already cleared your browser cache, you may need to clear your internet cache as some internet companies will cache higher traffic sites for some of the same reasons your browser will do the same. Here’s a link to flush your DNS cache from your internet company: This is a bit more complicated, so you may opt to contact your internet company to have them help you clear your DNS cache. (It is possible they may deny caching, but be persistent that you want it cleared anyway.)
  4. Please understand that if you are viewing our website on a mobile device, such as a cell phone or tablet, it will look very different than it does on your desktop. This is because of Google’s new requirements, which you can read more about here. (Scroll down to where it says, “Let me answer this question for mobile users …“) If you are having issues with your mobile device, maybe try doing a Google search for a solution. For example, you can search “how to open a new window on my Samsung Galaxy S5”.

If you still are having issues, it may be that you have a really old device. It is possible that some of the older devices and browsers will have some compatibility issues. Unfortunately, there is not anything we can do to help with that. We had no choice but to update our site … things have to be updated in the digital world, or they simply break down to the point where they no longer work, and we were getting very close to that happening. In fact, our site was so old that we did have some issues with the transfer to the new site and database. We are still running across some bad links (mostly on older blog posts), and we update those as they are found.

If you need help figuring something out, we would be happy to help you. However, please remember that there are real people behind this project. As you may have read in Rev. Sheri’s recent blog post, some of the emails we’ve received have been really unnecessary. In order to actually help you, we need to understand WHY the site isn’t working for you. To fix any real issues, we need to know a few things …

How to ask a question:

  1. Please explain exactly what the problem seems to be.
    (When I click on “example”, then “this happens/does not happen”. Instead, I get an error message that says, “example”.)
  2. Tell us what device you are using (desktop computer, cell phone, iPad, Kindle)
  3. Tell us what browser you are using (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
    *If you do not know what browser you are using, try searching “what browser am I using”
  4. Let us know what you have already tried (clearing browser cache, etc.)

If you contact us with this information, we will try our best to help you. If there is a true issue with compatibility, we want to know. We do want to do what we can to make the site viewable for as many people as possible. However, many of the questions we are seeing so far have been more about basic preferences about things where there is a very good reason that those things are the way they are – either because we are limited to what is possible with a mobile website or because that particular thing was added to accommodate requests by our visitors (eg. the share buttons that show up on images when you hover over them – which is addressed in another question in our FAQs). For technical issues on specific devices, please understand that we are not qualified to perform IT on any device – mobile or PC.

Why are there Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest buttons on the cards?

These icons will show up when you hover over any image on the site (either with your mouse or your finger). This is part of a special program that we added to our new site due to a large number of requests by our audience who wanted to easily be able to share the cards they receive in their readings. If you don’t want to see these new share buttons, simply move your finger/mouse. 🙂 These icons only show up when you hover over an image as if to say, “Did you want to share this?” Once you move away, the icons disappear.

Do you participate in link exchanges?

The short answer to this question is simply no we do not. It has been our experience that link exchanges do not work out in our favor. It is certainly beneficial for others to have a link from our site. We do understand why people would ask this from a website with high ranking and authority, but it’s not something we are interested in doing at this time.

Do you accept paid advertising on your website?

Creating and running a paid advertising system requires a lot of work. We simply do not have the staff for that, which is a big part of the reason we use Google ads. However, if you want to advertise on Angel Messenger, we do believe it is possible for Google advertisers to request their ads be placed on our site. Connect with them to know more.

Are you interested in Web design or marketing?

My husband is my web designer and the marketing person for this website. He is trained in doing both and does so for free. He cannot be replaced. 😉

Can I write for your website?

We do sometimes accept articles and blog posts from writers, spiritual teachers and truth seekers around the world. However, we absolutely DO NOT accept PR firm/Advertisement/Promotional pieces. (This also includes those looking for backlinks from our site.)

For details on submissions, when/if we are currently accepting submissions, please see our Submission Guidelines.

Why does Google say your site is not secure in the URL bar?


You may have noticed the tiny circled explanation point in the url bar … this is something new Google is doing in an effort to try to get website owners to change their domain names over to a “https” version of their site because that is a “more secure” version.

Both Angel Messenger and Free Tarot use a Firewall provided by Sucuri which prevents malicious activity. The protection we provide to you is a cloud-based WAF Sucuri Firewall that stops website hacks and attacks, and we have been successfully providing this security for years.

It is frustrating that Google does this because it is very misleading on our websites. On my computer, if you click for more information, it says that any info like passwords, messages or credit cards may be shared with others and are not secure which is absolutely not true on our websites. However, many sites do not use security.

We actually do not ask for sensitive information on our website for one thing … credit cards used in our online store are all processed through PayPal, and they do have heavy security! As far as messages and comments left on our blog, all of that is protected by our firewall. The contact form and contest forms we use are by Jotform, and they are a https site.

Here is a link for some additional information …

How can I find out if you are hiring?

Although it would be wonderful to be able to grow Angel Messenger into something bigger that could make a bigger difference in our world, we are not in a financial place to be able to do that at the moment. However, when we are, the best place to be is on our newsletter mailing list.

We have always posted available positions in our newsletter because I figure those who are most interested in what we are doing here will be on our mailing list, and those people should be the first ones I offer a job opening to. It seems to make sense to me. 😉

However, if you are inquiring about being hired as a psychic on our website, please be advised that we do not actually hire psychics through our website. In fact, the readings we offer through Angel Messenger are offered through affiliates. ​​If you would like to offer readings to our audience, the way to do that would be to work with one of our affiliates which can be found here …

Why are the comments closed on the Angel Cards?

We have had to close the comments on our Angel Cards because we have limited staff available to answer the comments, and many times the comments are either spam or those asking for free personal readings. These card readings have been online for several years now, so our hope is that most real questions will have already been answered by the comments of others.

As far as free personal readings, we have done our best to create an awesome free online angel card reading program that is free all day every day and available to everyone. We can’t offer free one on one personal readings, and to expect that of us isn’t really fair. We do the best we can.

If you need further clarification on your reading, we do offer one on one on-demand readings with an affiliate* company here -> Psychic Access is the company I most recommend because they give 6 minutes free to new clients, and they do vet their readers. I have been most impressed with this company above all the others.

*When you purchase a reading with one of our affiliates through a link on our website, Angel Messenger receives a percentage of the sale. So, by getting a reading with one of our affiliates, you are helping to support the work we do here … the free online readings, free and low cost eBooks, meditations, coloring pages, etc.

If you do have other questions about our website, please feel free to contact our customer service. However, please understand that our customer service person is not trained to handle personal or psychic questions. Our policy on emails that ask for personal readings has become to simply delete them because we don’t know how else to make it more clear that we are not able to offer free one on one readings.

Yes, I used to offer readings myself, but I am most definitely NOT going to be offering personal services at any time in the near future. Thank you for understanding and appreciating the services that we are able to provide. (Comments are still open on new blog posts.)

Blessed Be,

Rev. Sheri

If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

Heavenly Blessings,

The Angel Messenger Team