How to connect with loved ones who have crossed over

Do you want to connect with your loved ones? Now that they’ve crossed over, it might feel like they’re gone forever. But after death communication happens more than you think. With practice and an open mind, you can connect with your loved one after they have crossed over, too.

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What does “crossed over” mean?


Traditionally, when a loved one’s earthly life ends, we use words like “death”, “died”, etc. We won’t use these words here. They imply that a person’s life is finished and that they’re gone. But if that’s true, how can you connect with them after they’ve crossed over?

Consider the possibility that their earthly life was only one small part of their soul’s entire experience. Consider that this life hasn’t ended, but crossed over into a new realm.

Gary Schwartz, Ph.D. and director of the University of Arizona’s Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health writes in his book, Greater Reality Living, “Speaking as a scientist, I am now 99.9 percent certain that life continues after bodily death.”

But where does this life continue?

Consider the possibility that your loved one has crossed over into another dimension – into a higher vibrational realm. This dimension is just as real as your own physical realm, but it’s subtle and it vibrates on a higher frequency.


Why is it hard to connect with your loved one?

We have to learn how to communicate with our loved ones in their new realm. But three things usually get in the way:

  1. Doubt and skepticism
  2. Low-vibrating emotions
  3. Distractions

Let’s address these three roadblocks. Then, we’ll talk about how to overcome them and connect with our loved ones.


Roadblock 1: Do you doubt you can connect with your loved one?

If you want to connect with someone, your rational mind may be quick to judge: “You’re wasting your time. They’re gone. What’s the use?”

But try to set skepticism aside. Consider that we’re all spirits having a human experience. The only “trouble” is that this human experience feels so real that it can make every other type of experience feel impossible or beyond our reach. Is that your current mindset? Consider that you may be mistaken.


Roadblock 2: Are your emotions low?

After the passing of a loved one, our emotions can take a nosedive: grief, sadness, depression, anxiety, resentment, and anger flood our body with the power of a surging river.

We should never dismiss or suppress our emotions. We should feel them – yes, even low-vibrating emotions. But remember: these emotions keep us in a low-vibrating emotional state, and they are not in alignment with your loved one’s new vibrational state.

Can your loved one still connect with you when you’re in a lower vibrational state?

Absolutely. However, if we’re distracted by grief, sadness, and anger, it can be harder for them to reach us.

You can create more opportunities to communicate with them if you intentionally adjust your emotional state.

How can you get on a similar wavelength as your loved one?

Ask yourself these four questions:

  • What can I be grateful for right now?
  • Can I allow my loved one to cross over, rather than resist what has happened?
  • Can I consider the possibility that they are present with me in a different way now?
  • How am I feeling about my loved one? Feel the love and loss, and visualize a chord extending from your heart to your loved one. By doing so, you create an energetic wave that can reach your loved one in their new spiritual realm.


Roadblock 3: Is your mind distracted?

When your conscious mind is busy and cluttered, it’s hard to notice your loved one’s presence. When you become quiet and still, your brain can perceive the signs and information from your loved one.

Simple ways to quiet the mind include:

  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Tai chi
  • Chi Gong
  • Yoga
  • Breathwork
  • Progressive muscle relaxation


How to connect with your loved ones

Overcoming these three roadblocks can help you create opportunities for connection. As you create space for connection, consider these five special practices to feel your loved one near you.


  1. Set the intention to connect

Now’s not the time for wishful thinking. Believe with your whole being that you can connect with your loved one, and set the intention to do so. Setting the intention turns possibility into tangible reality.

Tell your loved one: “I want to connect to you.” They will be so happy to hear this. In fact, one of the most common messages they want you to know is this: I am still here.


  1. Turn on your senses

The more you quiet your mind and learn to be still, the more sensitive your senses will be to your surroundings. You really don’t know how your loved one will connect with you, so you have to be like a vigilant sentinel.

Your loved one may choose to communicate with you by tapping into your emotional body, your sense of sight, sound, or even your intuitive knowing. They may connect via dream appearances, scents, electrical disruption, songs on the radio, thoughts that aren’t your own. You may even sense their presence beyond a shadow of a doubt.


  1. Connect in the present moment

We knew our loved ones in their earthly experience, where they may have experienced mental and bodily illness, addiction and trauma. But once we cross over into the new dimension, our spiritual evolution can speed up exponentially.

When you connect, you may notice that your loved one has evolved far past their earthly limitations. They may have peaceful and loving energy that they weren’t able to express while having an earthly experience. Try to connect with them exactly as they are in this present moment.


  1. Hold their objects

Objects hold energy. And by holding an object from your loved one, you tap into a line of energy that connects you with them. What was something your loved one treasured? A watch, a pair of heirloom earrings, a book? It can be anything. What matters is that this item had pride of place in their life.


  1. Spend time in nature

Remember how we talked about “turning on your senses” in Number 2 above?

Being in nature can help you do that. In nature, we can become more fully alive and aware as we observe its wonders and receive its calming energy. This can help you notice the signs from your loved one, too.

Being in nature is an especially powerful way to connect if your loved one liked being outdoors, too.


Are you ready to connect with your loved one?

Both you and your loved one exist in the same magical universe. Now that they’ve crossed over, you just need to learn how to connect in a new way. Use this simple guide to create a connection.

First, address roadblocks standing in your way: doubt and skepticism; low-vibrating emotions; and distractions.

Then, cultivate opportunities to connect.

You can

1) set the intention;

2) turn on your senses;

3) connect in the present moment;

4) hold their objects, and

5) spend time in nature.

Find a practice that feels right to you, and keep your mind and heart open. A connection is possible after your loved one has crossed over.

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