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Goodbye from Valerie

I want to thank Rev. Sheri and the other practitioners for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful team – it has been a gift for which I will always be grateful. Most of all, I’d like to thank all of the amazing people who trusted me to do readings for them – it has truly been my privilege and honor to work with every single one of you.
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Ride the Wave

One of the things that I hated leaving behind most was access to the ocean. There’s just something about being near it that’s calming to me, and I was always comforted by the fact I could get there anytime I wanted or needed to. What follows is an excerpt of my account of an actual event that took place during my last visit to the shore before I left NJ. I realize it’s a little longer than a typical post, but I hope you find it worth the read!
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Regaining Balance - Giving and Receiving

Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. I’m sure we can all agree that this balance between inhales and exhales is absolutely necessary for our survival. Now I want you to imagine your typical day and every time you give to or help someone else, you are exhaling and every time you allow yourself to receive in any way, you are inhaling. Ok, be honest - how many of you would still be capable of continuing to read this post, and how many of you would be passed out (or worse!) because you can’t remember the last time you were on the receiving end of anything? If you’re like the majority of my clients, you would definitely fall into the latter category.
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How to Be Happy

I love Brendon Burchard! He's an enlightening inspiration! Enjoy ... and anticipate the future with excitement!
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Free Your Life

We had worked with many different people that afternoon, and on the ride home from the conference I was developing a headache; something that never occurs with me. I could feel the pressure building, and building. My friend driving said, "Cut your cords!"
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Acts of Kindness

If someone started washing cars at an intersection, people might reject the offer thinking the person was asking for money. In fact, I've seen this happen. Then, I found the video below and knew I had the perfect message. Take a look ...
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There are no Superheroes, Just Us

There may be no superheroes, but WE can certainly be heroic!
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Angel Caught on Video

This is a cool video ... Check it out and leave a comment below. Is this an Angel? What are your thoughts?
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On Beauty ...

I have an undeniable urge to share this beautiful woman with our readers. After seeing her speech at the Oscars the other night, I ran across this other speech on YouTube. Enjoy her wonderful words on beauty ... she truly enchants the soul. <3
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You're not broke; You just have a Broke Mindset.

This video makes some great points - and it's funny! That's win, win in my book! Have GRATITUDE! Stop fearing failure - and SUCCESS! We are capable of so much more, and we truly are more blessed and abundant than we realize. ;) ~ Rev. Sheri
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Stop Thinking Stress is a Bad Thing

Stop thinking stress causes you harm, and it loses its power over you. Sound familiar? Check out this video for a brief explanation on how altering your perception of stress can help you live longer ...
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Turning Wounds Into Wisdom

This is an amazing video and is so worth the time to watch. I actually saw it by "accident" as I couldn't sleep and happened to check my Facebook page where someone else had shared this. Since I had nothing better to do at 4am, I thought I'd watch, but I wasn't prepared for such deep thoughts so early in the morning.