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Eagle Owl Coloring Page

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Coloring is wonderful for anyone - especially adults, and it's a great way to connect with your animal spirit guide! As we grow older, we lose that childlike innocence and creativity. Coloring can take us into that meditative space where creativity flourishes!

The Eagle Owl does not have a separate spiritual significance, but we should look at both the owl and the eagle ....

Owl as a spirit guide represents wisdom and intuitive knowledge. You may be someone who prefers the silence and may even be considered a night owl. Owl can help you to see beyond illusions, and even beyond those who are trying to deceive you. Having owl as a totem brings you an excellent guide to the unknown mysteries and changes of life; it helps you to see what others cannot see.

The Eagle is a symbol of Hope and Courage, and those with this totem tend to be intuitive, creative visionaries. The Eagle is said to be the bird that flies closest to Heaven and can see from the highest vantagepoint, gaining the broadest and most clear perspective. Eagle is an inspiring messenger, flying to heights that others only dream of. Those with an Eagle spirit guide tend be very much in harmony with the world around them, grounded and connected to Gaia, yet flying high enough to create their vision.

Simply set your intention for this time with your Eagle Owl and let go. We hope you will enjoy this free adult coloring page . (Donations help support the work we do here.)

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