The Numerology of 11/11/09
This unique date is slated to affect us all

by Hans Decoz at


In Numerology, three specific numbers are recognized as “Master numbers,” because they are more influential than any other number. Those Master numbers are 11, 22 and 33. That’s why November 11, 2009 is such an important date in Numerology: it’s known as a “33 Universal Day,” and for most of us, it will be the first we’ve ever experienced in our lifetimes. Considering that 33 is the most powerful as well as the rarest of the three Master numbers, it’s worth noting that this rarity occurs twice in November 2009: November 11 and November 29. To get a bit more technical, not only do these two dates add up to 33, but they are also the only two days between 2000 and 2017 that form a perfect triangle of 11-11-11 (the year 2009 reduces to 11 when adding 2 and 9).

Within the perfect pyramid used to symbolize the three Master numbers (again, 11, 22 and 33), the 11 is found in the left bottom corner and represents intuitive knowledge and mastery. The 22, placed in the right bottom corner, combines the power of the 11 with a commanding ability to make things manifest — something the 11 lacks — while the 33 is found at the top of the pyramid and combines the powers of the 11 and the 22 with that of the enlightened teacher and communicator.

November 11, 2009 and November 29, 2009 are the only two dates between 2000 and 2017 that reduce to 11-11-11, adding up to 33.

So what does this mean and how will this affect us?

As the most feminine and intuitive of all numbers, the 11 represented by these dates will undoubtedly inspire diplomacy and a genuine desire to work toward peace. But the influence is subtle: after all, the number 11 is famous for making its impact behind the scenes — for example, it might heighten our gut instinct, so we’ll feel it on a more individual level. But the 33 in these dates will be more obvious and global in impact — probably inspiring a single voice to deliver a unique and heartfelt message, or urging a collective voice or demonstration with far.

But the 33 in these dates will be more obvious and global in impact — probably inspiring a single voice to deliver a unique and heartfelt message, or urging a collective voice or demonstration with far reaching-affects.

Interestingly, November 11, 2009 is also an ideal time to consider your bonds with other people, specifically in a family sense. This date ultimately reduces to the number 6, which represents our personal home base — including our parents, children and sense of interconnectivity — as well as emotional extremes. That means that as we become more aware of the global mood, we also have a great opportunity to turn our attention back to the hearth and make sure that our personal lives and relationships are fair and in balance.

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About the Numerologist
Hans Decoz has been a professional numerologist since 1982. He lectures and offers courses and personal consultations. Hans is currently working on his second book. His first book, Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self, with Tom Monte, was published in 1994 by Avery Publishing Group, NY. He currently resides in Arizona.

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