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7 Quick Steps to Reduce Stress and Stop Anxiety

Luckily, there are a few ways to reduce stress and stop anxiety if you find yourself losing control.
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Signs to Withdraw and Go Within When You are Stressed

Have you been feeling distant from everyone and everything lately? If you’ve been tuning out, you are not alone.

Angry Man

My purpose for sharing this story is that I realize we all need to keep ourselves in check. Things can stress us out, yes. But, that doesn't mean we should let a hamburger, a bad driver, inattentive sales clerk, or any number of little things get the best of us. To have control over our lives, we must also have control over our attitudes, behaviors and actions.

The Calming Angels of Peace

The Calming Angels of Peace It was a day where everyone around me seemed to be upset by one thing or another. Since I was a readily available sympathetic ear, I listened to venting and ranting from my son, staff members, and friends .…