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Mile High Healing Meditation

This meditation was filmed in Evergreen, CO. The focus on this meditation is healing - turning fear into love.
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Mile High Stillness Meditation

This video was taken at the Continental Divide in Colorado. This meditation focuses on the stillness of life and being present in the moment.
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Mile High River Meditation

Today's meditation takes place at Clear Creek River in Colorado. This meditation will focus on the intent of flowing smoothly with life. If we try to go against the current, we will struggle, which will eventually leave us exhausted and frustrated.…
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Mile High Lily Pond Meditation

It's inspiring to see lily's bloom fully into radiant form.  This gave me inspiration to focus today's meditation on blossoming to our fullest potential. --> Play More Video Meditations by Heidi!
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Mile High Waterfall Meditation

This magical waterfall had some visitors during the meditation! This meditation focuses on making a wish. Watch for a swimming muskrat near the beginning and a beautiful dove that flies in at the end of the video. --> Play More Meditation…
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Mile High Grounding Meditation

Today's meditation is located on a beautiful mountain top forest in Colorado.  This meditation will focus on the intent of grounding ourselves and cleansing our energy field.  Grounding helps us to be more in the present, helps us to set better…
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Mile High Mountain Meditation

Join me on top of a beautiful mountain top in Golden, Colorado.  Today's meditation will focus on the intent of releasing stagnant or fear based energy that may be getting in the way of your dreams.
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Harmonizing Hardships in 5 Steps

What is the purpose of the challenges and hardships that we go through? We learn a great deal about ourselves when we are faced with challenges. We are incredibly flexible and resilient. We get pushed and pulled into situations in our life, things get twisted and turned up-side down, yet we all have the amazing ability to bounce back.

The Wellness CSI

I just happened across this guy's website today. I guess he calls himself The Wellness CSI. It's an interesting site.

Mid Life Rebirth, Marianne Williamson

I happened to run across this on You Tube, and the message from Marianne Williamson really reached out to me. It's so true that we all experience things in our lives that can practically put a stopper in life and prevent us from moving on -…

A Struggle with Myself

I hadn't realized that Boy Scouts is actually a religious organization of sorts. If you don't believe in God, you're not allowed to be a leader. I do believe in God, but I don't really like some of the ways they alienate and reject some people.

Laughter Is Truly The Best Medicine

Laughter Is Truly The Best Medicine by: Laurie J. Brenner If there's one thing I have to admit about my mother is that she was always right about this: Laughter Is The Best Medicine. If you can't laugh about yourself and the things that…