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Guardian Angels Watch Over You

Angel readings are another form of psychic reading. It is said that we humans have angel companions and given the opportunity; these heavenly companions provide messages that would give clarity and direction in these troubled times. Angel readings, therefore, are a direct contact with the angels aiding you.

Rate Your Reading Experience

If you have had a reading with myself or one of the other Angel Messenger practitioners, please share your thoughts with me. Please rate your experience!
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Excited for the Future!

When I first started Angel Messenger, my dream was to create a center where people could come and learn about all kinds of information from philosophy and math and science to the psychic arts and using intuition. It was a beautiful dream of a school that would bring the best of the best from around the world to create THE CENTER for learning. Though things in our world have greatly changed since then, I still have a dream, and I'm starting to see parts of it take hold.
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Calling All Quality Psychics!

When I first started Angel Messenger, it was with the goal of creating my own center. With the downfall of our economy, it became impractical to rent a building and try this on my own. So, with the help of my guides and angels, I kept working on creating a website that could offer as much help as possible. The only problem now is that it has gotten too big, and it's time to revisit my original goal.

Attention Previous Lansing Area Clients

"Don't ignore the experience you have" is the message.