Painting and Cleaning

As many of you already know, we finally got our house.  We closed this past Friday, and we've been painting and cleaning ever since.  My office is painted, my son's room is almost completely painted, and another bedroom is done.  We still…
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Don't Stop Believing

Last night before I went to sleep, I had a little chat with my angels. After much convincing on their part, I realized it was time to let go on the house. For a long time, I've felt responsible for what has happened to my family, and I had…

My Journey Home

As some of you may already know, my husband and I had to pull our offer on the house we planned to purchase in Fowlerville. This last week, our inspections were completed. Luckily, the homeowner came home early, and we had a chance to talk…

What a Week!

This week was a crazy week! As you might have read in my previous blog, my husband and I are buying a house in Fowlerville. We are set to close at the end of May. Everything was going wonderfully. It all fell into place almost miraculously. Easy peasy, right?