Angel Chakra Video for February 2015

February's reading highlights Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy Oracle cards.  The cards are placed in random order, that way your reading becomes more personalized by using your intuition. These Angel Chakra videos are posted once a month when…

Angel Chakra Video for January 2015

January's reading highlight's the Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. The cards and gemstones are placed in random order, that way your reading becomes more personalized by using your intuition.

October Angel Chakra Reading

I am excited to share a brand new monthly Angel Chakra video reading with you. These readings are going to be released during the lunar moon cycle each month- as this is a great time for personal releasing.
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Mile High Boulder Meditation

I was inspired to focus this meditation on releasing blocks that may be preventing you from moving forward. This is the last video that will be posted in the summer series of Mile High Meditations. Thank you so much for joining me this summ…
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Mile High Cloud Meditation

I often feel an amazing angelic connection when looking at clouds and wanted focus this meditation on connecting with our angels. Notice how the sun lights up the rocks when the angels are called in!!
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An Inspiring Little Seed

This summer has been very wet - and cold; most of my plants are almost overgrown and not blooming well. But, I had one big surprise ... one of the tiny little flower seeds I planted last summer finally popped out of the ground and out came this ...
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Manifesting - Materializing Objects with Fantasy

Fantasizing is a form of active visualization where the emotional connection to a desire is very strong. Because emotions are so intense with fantasy, you can often create a materialization of what you want even quicker than using only a mental image.
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Golden Times

I've been away for too long, and I am eager to begin sharing the lovely messages from Doreen Virtue's new Angel Tarot cards. This is an incredibly powerful deck of cards, and if you have ever considered Tarot Card reading but don't want to be…
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Manifesting - Prepaving What You Want

Start pre-paving your day today. Write out or envision exactly how you want your day to go, how you want your day at work to be, how easy you want your commute to be, how easily your errands will be run. How cooperative your kids or spouse are going to be. How effortless your presentation at work; you get the idea.

Does Money Grow On Trees?

So, where do we draw the line between teaching our kids about the way the world works and hindering who they are?

Laughter Is Truly The Best Medicine

Laughter Is Truly The Best Medicine by: Laurie J. Brenner If there's one thing I have to admit about my mother is that she was always right about this: Laughter Is The Best Medicine. If you can't laugh about yourself and the things that…

The Missing Secret of the Law of Attraction

This is what I was talking about in my last podcast.  People forget they need to actually "live" their lives. ~ Sheri ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Missing Secret of the Law of Attraction by Ryan Porter Now I know…