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I'll Tell You Why

I asked God why so much has happened and why so many are struggling. I asked God why the people of Haiti have seen so much devastation and why their government is unable to accept all the help that has been offered. It's frustrating to see help just sitting in boxes, unable to reach those in need. I also asked why we are able to send help to those so far away while yet so many are suffering in our own country - in different ways but still unaided and crying out.

Knowing When Death Will Come

It may be possible for death to be predestined, but what about free will? I can promise you that Heaven is very big on the whole idea of us making our own decisions. Life itself is a journey. Our path may or may not be predestined, but the choices we make are not.
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You Can Heal Your Life: The Movie & Conference

The Movie: Hay House is proud to announce the first-ever film on the life and work of our much-loved founder, Louise L. Hay in You Can Heal Your Life: The Movie. This DVD is the inspirational story of Louise Hay who changed the…

How to Discover Your Passion

What do you do with your free time? Are you so motivated with your life's tasks that you jump out of bed in the morning, eager to start your day? Does the word "task" have a negative connotation for you?

Your Soul Already Knows, Finding the Perfect Career For You

The day you were born your Soul brought with it all the skills, talents, interests and hobbies you would need to fulfill your Life's Work and find the perfect career for your personality. But sometimes we forget our purpose and end up working at jobs we don't like.

Careers & God, How to Discover Who You Are

The fortunate ones work because they love what they do, not because of the bills. Even if they won the lottery, they'd still get up every morning doing what they love.