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If you were looking for a specific 'yes' or 'no' to your question, this card is stating the answer is no.  Sometimes it is in our best interest not to pursue something immediately when the timing isn't quite right.  Conditions and energy are…
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This lovely angel comes to you with the message that you are here to assist others in awakening to their Divine Purpose and Life Path. You have a special gift that allows you to gently inform and guide people in understanding, and connecting…
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This card is asking you to put your focus on your heart's desire, and being completely honest with yourself in what it is that you would like to bring forth in your life.  The image shows a woman painting a flower, being completely focused…
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Simplify Your Life

When this card appears, often times it's guiding you to release or remove things in your life that are no longer needed or necessary for your highest good.  When we eliminate items that are no longer useful to us, or just taking up space in…
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Soulmate Relationship

Whatever you've asked has something to do with a soulmate. A soulmate is someone you have lived another lifetime with, though not necessarily a romantic partner.
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Stay Optimistic

Rev. Sheri gives a detailed description of the "Stay Optimistic" card from the "Magical Mermaids and Dolphins" Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue. Get your Free Online Angel Card Reading at!
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Free Your Life

We had worked with many different people that afternoon, and on the ride home from the conference I was developing a headache; something that never occurs with me. I could feel the pressure building, and building. My friend driving said, "Cut your cords!"
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My "I Can Do It" Toronto Experience

I met some great people and am now certified by Doreen and Radleigh to teach. It was very much worth the time, and I do plan to teach some classes, so it was also great to see how they teach. Also, I have to say that Radleigh Valentine is one of the kindest and most sincere souls I have ever come across. I absolutely loved him!
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If you have gotten this card in a reading, your angels and guides want you to pay attention to signs, information or events in your life that may seem to be coincidences. Perhaps you have asked the angels for assistance or guidance on a relationship or career matter. Maybe you have asked them for clarity on your Life Purpose, or any situation in your life. Your angels and guides are bringing you the answers that you seek through the energy of synchronicity.
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This card has a beautiful MerAngel (a mermaid with angel wings) with an aura of golden white light around her as she seems to be rising up from the depths of the sea. This card, “Empowerment” is all about claiming your power, taking back your power, owning your power, integrating your power………..…becoming empowered!
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In these instances it is helpful to look at the circumstances experienced from their perspective. You might actually gain pearls of wisdom in the process and, by staying centered in your God-Self and exuding compassion and love, you will help to heal the situation.
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Dream Big

This card shows a peaceful looking mermaid as she gently rests her head on a rock as if she is asleep and dreaming a very beautiful dream. Your life and all you can accomplish is the beautiful dream! It is as simple as using your vision and…