Saving Us – The Amazing Key to Being

Who You Are Meant to Be

by Rev. Sheri, founder of Angel Messenger

As lightworkers, we know it is our mission to raise the vibration of the planet as much as we can. However, sometimes this can cause us to push ourselves too hard. When this happens, we can fall out of balance – not just within ourselves but also with the natural flow of life.

Speaking from experience, I must tell you that this pushing of ourselves is not always in Divine alignment. Sometimes, yes, we can push ourselves to create and perform better – fly as high as we possibly can. However, the flip side of that is when we continue to push out as much energy as we can until it’s gone … leaving us with nothing or very little left for ourselves.

We might feel like this is the right path. Living a life of service is what we are supposed to do, right? I believe this is misunderstood. Sometimes we can inadvertently place ourselves in the wrong service by instead focusing on pleasing the requests of others. This is again where we can fall out of balance.

The secret is that to find the way in which we are truly meant to serve, sometimes we must just stop listening to everyone else and go within. Get away from everything that is siphoning off our energy as much as possible – until we can again find balance.

It can take a while to release those things in our lives that are throwing us off-balance, but it is worth the effort. Once balance is achieved, we can then listen again, but we must continue to focus on the voice within in order to not fall into the same traps we fell into before.

Discovering your purpose, finding your soul family … all those questions we ask psychic after psychic … the best answers, the most accurate answers, are often found within – when we are ourselves in balance, and of course, the Divine is always providing signs all around us.

There is a beautiful song by country artist Chris Stapleton called “Broken Halos” which I absolutely love; it reminds me every time I hear it that there are many creators of light in the world who do have broken halos. We’ve come here to make a difference – but are sometimes met with aggression, hatred, ignorance and even abuse. It can be difficult enough to rise with all our past life trauma (especially for those who’ve walked this road before), but to continually have present life drama and trauma piled on top of us … it can feel almost impossible to rise enough to shine our light.

Yes, we are here to fight that darkness, but the light could use a little support every now and then. We’ve got to find a way to fix our broken halos, straighten our crowns and keep moving forward. If you have no support, be that support for yourself. Be the kindness and nurturing energy that you didn’t receive but do deserve.

We must be vigilant in keeping ourselves in balance because that is how we will achieve our greatest potential. Your power and purpose will come from Divine inspiration, and we can only feel, hear, see and know the Divine when we have balance within.

Please, if you are a lightworker who is overly tired, stressed or possibly even ill, the best thing you can do for this world right now is to Save Yourself. Then you can work on saving the world. ❤

The way we save this world is by finding our way back to our beautiful selves, the us we were before everyone and everything else told us who we ought to be. Part of my own journey has included using music to help me find my way back to myself. Music has been a powerful and beautiful friend to my heart and soul.

When you get to that point when you are ready to move forward, remember to hold onto that Beautiful YOU, and then just Let your Soul Shine! Be your own kind of beautiful!

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you. 🙂

Much Love and Angel Blessings,

Rev. Sheri

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  1. Suzi Lynn
    Suzi Lynn says:

    I have been sort of awake all my life. I sense see and sometimes hear spirits. My intuition is generally spot on (Not that I have always listened). My relationship with animals has always been one of comfort, being accepted and among them and knowing their needs and thoughts. I have been married 4 times. My 1st was my children’s father. I wasn’t in love; I was DOING the RIGHT thing. My 2nd Husband I can’t remember a time when He wasn’t there. He was a Liar a Cheat and just eww. My 3rd husband was a functional alcoholic as much as we loved each other; ultimately the Demon one and took him from me in August of 2015. He was a good man; under it all He was like me. We now have a purer relationship as He is with me the way He should have been then. I miss him physically, but I know He is here. It makes it easier. When I watched him waste away and his family enable him and even help him kill himself (of course they blamed me; He knew who they were). Looking back; He himself warned me what and who they were and their motives for his existense. It was what fueled his pain and anquish. And mine in the end. They surrounded him (circled the wagons as it were to keep me away – so the money would flow in the right direction. They robbed me blind. I knew they were evil. He knew they were evil and all I could do was stay as long as I could. Best part is; I know. He knew. He made it so I didn’t need to see him die or dead. I got to keep him as I knew he was underneath all of that upset. So what happened next; I found myself alone and scared. I latched onto someone who promised me the moon even though I knew it was all wrong. But I did’t want to grieve. I needed and do still need to find my intended partner in this world. I am awake. Still married to this man who is only interested in himself and what I can do for him. Well you know what happened when I stopped so I won’t go into that. I have used the Angel Tarot to reconnect with my Savior. I need help and of course my money is all gone again. I made a move from West Virginia to Florida because that was HIS desire. I am sure I was sent here as I have 3 new rescued dogs, one rescued goat and 2 more horses. God knows I need the resources to move back. It is time. I am fully awake now. I know that I should have stayed in WV, but didn’t. He used me here in Florida. My husband and his children are on their own journey now and I pray they find what they are looking for. What I need is to get back home. Back to Maryland where I grew up. I know I am not supposed to be here. I know where I should have been. I am just praying my way out of my mess. Please. If you can tell me; only because I have been so lost and confused if my intuition is correct? I must have a farm and all that goes with it including a man who accepts me as I am. Loves my spirit because he has always known it and to find Peace in this world. I want to BE who I am supposed to be. I KNOW I am not supposed to be alone in this physical life. I am afraid of my decision making in truth. I guess I just need affirmation that I am going home to the man who was always supposed to be in my life. I want to rescue animals and by doing so opening the eyes of people and their hearts. These critters come to me broken and in need of a safe place to stay until they find their true human. They themselves are angels sent here to be here for one person. I know when they are mine and when they are just with me until. I love watching their eyes light up when they see their person! I have one missing. I know she went on to another person because she has been with me all my life in one way or another. She told me so in a dream. I also feel she has left me to help someone else find their way as I have awakened. I will see her again in Heaven. I must have a way to take care of these wayward beings. Either to end their life with me or move onto where they are supposed to be. The means. The ability. The partner/true husband, etc.

  2. Leroy Williams Jr
    Leroy Williams Jr says:

    I have a halo of all planets spinning freely
    My left eye is the Sun
    My right eye is the Moon
    My heart is the Earth
    My stomach is Ying Yang
    I heal sending loving energy from space along with All Highly Evolved and Loving Entities to All inhabitants everywhere. Light Love Service Commitment

  3. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    Hi Sheri, this is me to a T. I have faced so much anger, ignorance, heartbreak and abuse that last year my body fell apart. I still can’t find the light, my body has stored so much trauma and pain while I kept plodding on. Now I feel lost and tired. I don’t know how to restore, however my life has stopped and especially I am doubting my move to another country despite the people are nicer.

    • Rev. Sheri
      Rev. Sheri says:

      Hi Nicole, thank you for sharing. It’s good that you realize how trauma affects the body and can cause physical pain. Many people still do not make that connection. What I have found is that the best way to restore is to focus on your own needs as much as possible. That can be difficult to do when you have other commitments and events going on around you, but really making the effort to care for yourself is worth it. Maybe start by listing all the things that help you to feel better. It might be as simple as listening to music. Maybe combine that with something else. One of the most restorative things I do (besides sleep) is to take a relaxing bath with salts/oils, a candle, incense and music of course. I hope this helps. Remember, though, just the fact that you understand how all this has affected you is really good. Congrats on paying attention to your body. <3


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