It’s great to be back!

Heidi MentinkI have missed Angel Messenger and am so happy to be back!  I recently had a very challenging experience which forced my plans to change quite dramatically.  There was a quote I recently read by John Lennon that got my attention; “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”   Unexpected things have happened to me many times in my life, which I can honestly say; I have had to make back up plans to my back up plans many times over! 

I’m no stranger to hardships.  I’ve bounced back from job loss, material loss, financial loss, deaths of loved ones, and having to start over.  I thought I endured quite enough hardship, but nothing prepared me for yet another challenging life experience in early March of 2014. 

My husband and I we’re making plans for a new chapter in our lives.  We were just getting back on our feet after a series of setbacks we experienced a few years prior.  We decided to downsize and moved into a smaller apartment at the end of February.  I was now in walking distance of my private Reiki practice, which allowed me to offer even more time to Angel Messenger.  My husband and I were saving more money; we both we’re doing the work we loved, and our future looked promising. 

I started to feel sick after a few days moving into our new apartment, but didn’t understand why.  My throat was burning and closing, to the point where it became intolerable.  After only 9 days living there, I went to the emergency room to be treated for an environmental allergic reaction.  I could no longer live at this apartment anymore.  My husband and I we’re fortunate to have stayed with a loving family for a week while we searched for a new place to live.  My body had absorbed toxic chemicals and I had become quite ill.  We had to throw out the majority of our furniture due to the potent residual odor that was left behind.  I had made a painful decision to close my private Reiki practice due to the aftermath of this experience.  We lost our home, much of our belongings, my business, and my health was severely affected.  I was in shock of what was happening.

Once we settled into our new apartment, I began the detoxifying process.  I have never experienced chemical poisoning, and this was intense.  After two month of series of treatments, I slowly started coming back to life.  The shock wore off, yet I had many emotions to deal with; confusion, anger, pain, and hurt.  I needed time to process everything and release toxic poisons that were in my mind and body.

There is a powerful book; A Purpose Driven Life by Pastor Rick Warren, that came to my mind when I became angry and questioned God about this situation.  In this book, Pastor Rick Warren says, “God shapes you to use you for your contribution to the world by painful experiences.  God never wastes a hurt.”  After several more sessions of detoxifying treatments, I was able to understand this. 

One major part of this experience that overwhelmed me in the most positive way was the kindness of others.  So many people reached out to help my husband and I, even complete strangers that we have never met.  I believe God sent people to help us when we weren’t able to help ourselves.  I want to personally thank all of those who have helped us and sent healing energy & prayers – we really appreciate everything.

My husband has been a true warrior through all of this; he took care of me when I wasn’t able to care for myself.  He, along with many others, have lifted my spirits when they were down.  I am so blessed to have such a loving and supportive husband, a wonderful community of family & friends, and the loving people here at Angel Messenger.  I am truly blessed.

For those who may be experiencing difficulties in life right now, and need a little bit of extra support and encouragement, know you are so loved and not alone during any time in your life.  You have a team of people here who are sending you love and support.  Remember, God never wastes a hurt.

Angel Blessings,


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Heidi is a published author and wonderful Angel card reader who has trained with numerous spiritual teachers from all over the world - including Doreen Virtue and the Boulder Psychic Institute. She was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and has been a contributing author here at Angel Messenger.

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  1. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Hi Heidi,
    it’s good to know you are on the road to recovery. It is amazing how kind and supportive people can be. Sometimes people who you may consider to be almost strangers. I always believe things happen for a reason, sometimes you hear the angels messages to get you on the chosen path. Sometimes not. The good news is you are back on your feet starting to do what you are destined to do. L&L

    • Heidi M
      Heidi M says:

      Hi Lisa,
      Thank you for posting and for such a warm welcome back. You are right- it is amazing how the kindness and support of others can truly help heal. I appreciate all of you so much and am grateful for this website to connect us all. Sending love & light to you~ Heidi

  2. Bilba
    Bilba says:

    Dear Heidi,
    Sending healing energy from London Town to you.
    Thank you for being so open about the pain.
    I have been through a terrible bereavement and
    poor health in the last few months.
    I know the light will see
    us through.
    One love & light,

    • Heidi M
      Heidi M says:

      Thank you so much for your kindness and healing. Although this experience was difficult, I feel I have been given the gift of seeing life even more differently- with even more compassion and understanding for others- and myself. I am sending you so much love, positive healing and encouraging energy to help uplift your spirit. Thank you so much for reaching out~ Heidi 🙂

      • Lynn Carlson
        Lynn Carlson says:

        Hi Heidi, I send you blessings, laughter, energy and the most uplifting spirit ever. Isn’t it something that after we suffer hardships that we have more of a understanding for the less fortunate? It’s like we wake up to what is really important in life. Sometimes it seems like God sends us to much pain, and others not enough to wake them up to the real world around them. But who are we to question? God Bless you and a speeding
        recovery. Sincerely, Lynn

  3. Asia
    Asia says:

    Heidi I just wanted you to know how inspiring your testimony is. To have the courage and speak your truth with so much humility is encouraging. So I feel moved to speak about my challenges.

    In march I was sexually assaulted by a family member I just met. I couldn’t remember the details besides being at a bar and him telling me to put on my clothes when I was in the car. I was too weak to even do that. I went to the er terrified feeling like it was my fault . Upset I couldn’t remember much and upset with my mom for leaving me there.

    The truth is no one knew this would happen we all have free will. I battle everyday trying to put everything together and attain peace. I’ve been so disconnected when I get readings the psychic medium can not connect to my guides angel and loved ones. That hurts even more. I just want comfort and this is healing process.

    Your story assures me that this will pass. I know I am a healer. The other day my ear was hurting badly and with a crystal hydrogen peroxide and prayer I was delivered. I also do flower therapy readings. Its new to me but it’s something I enjoy especially when the message is clear and helps my friends and family. This site is one of the best things that happened and I’m so grateful for the internet! Everything is on time. Even just doing a reading and the angels guidance being worthiness. We all deserve good no matter what we go through. I feel like I’ve been called into service and been putting it off thinking I have time and I’m not ready but the truth is if you are born to do something and it is your purpose it will be.

    I want you to know that our God is of increase and you will have your hearts desires. It was promised to you before you ascended to Earth. Thank you for you’re words of comfort. If you can do I can. I will send love your way. Long live love and light

    • Heidi M
      Heidi M says:

      Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing your story. I sent you a personal email and hope you received it. Angel Blessings to you~ Heidi

  4. anonymous
    anonymous says:

    Hi….. gud dat u r in gud health now:-) …… one thing i want to know dat you people are angel card readers and angel messengers then why dont angels forewarn you all about such mishaps and since angels are so powerful why angel raphael the healing angel and spiritual practices like reiki are not sufficient to deal with physical problems why ultimately doctor is needed? for people who dont do meditation and who are not so good in listening to angelic communication i understand will be needing a doctor for recovery but why is this for you all too ….is it because that in real angels are not so powerful to deal with serious haelth problems ??this is my question to all psychics and angel messengers….thanks nd sorry if i sound a bit blunt but this is my query..

    • Heidi M
      Heidi M says:

      Thank you for commenting and asking great questions- I too had many questions going through my mind during my recent experience. I believe what happened to me was supposed to happen- for lessons in my own growth that I needed. At the time of it happening, it was very difficult, but now I have a new outlook on why we go through pain and suffering. I was forewarned about moving into this apartment- on 3 different occasions, but I ignored my inner gut feeling. We have free will, and the angels can only do so much to help- they can’t force us to do anything. After this experience, I needed time to process everything, to feel my emotions and heal. During the detoxifying process, when I was in a deep period of hurt, I wasn’t able to hear my angels at all. During times of confusion, pain, anger or hurt, our energy definitely can get depleted, which then lowers our vibration. My energy was so depleted and my body would only focus on getting well. This helped me to fully understand what it is like to not be able to hear Divine guidance at all. The angels are always there, no matter if we can sense them or not. Once we are able to release and surrender our pain to the angels, light brightens the darkness.

      I feel this experience came to me in a point in my life where I could really take the lessons as a gift, and not a punishment. Every person who is here on earth has life experiences that will differ from others. God and the angels see everyone as ONE- no one is more superior than the other. Although we are all spirit; on earth, we all have to live in a physical body. We are exposed to pollution, chemicals in our foods, and other unhealthy toxins that we are surrounded. No-one is immune from having challenging life experiences at times; this includes all healers, doctors, psychics, etc.

      I’ve been able to look at things from a different perspective; I’m trying not to personalize my recent challenge, but to instead see it through a different lens. If we live on planet earth, we will have many different experiences; some good, some not so good. Earth is made of free will and choices. Each of us plays an important role on the planet; and everyone is needed. Being in a healing profession doesn’t guarantee a free pass to live life without any challenges. The angels are here for everyone, not just a select few. Reiki, along with other healing modalities, are tools to help with all areas of life and are wonderful gifts that we all can utilize. Healing modalities are put in our path to help us in life. Reiki has helped me become highly sensitive to energy as well as my environment.

      The angels have helped me to take much needed time to care for my own personal needs. I had been running on empty for quite some time and knew I needed to slow down, but my own inner critic wouldn’t allow me to slow down. I was given a gift to stop what I was doing and to focus strictly on what my soul needed- tender loving care for myself. During this period of downtime, I was able to heal old emotional wounds that needed tending to. I also was able to release so much unwanted junk from the past that unknowingly weighed me down. We all have things we carry in life, and for me, I needed to really get knocked down to see the gifts that were all around me.

      Your questions are great and I thank you for reaching out. Much love and light to you~ Heidi

      • anonymous
        anonymous says:

        hi heidi:-) thanks for replying to my questions …..
        your answer has allowed me to keep up my faith on divine guidance and angels..being from different religion ,what ever i know about angels i got to know from net only and this site and its angel cards have helped me a lot during some of my tough times…
        but you know sometimes logic overpowers your spiritual side and especially in me there is constant battle between faith and logic ……you know humans lack patience they want proof of divine existence at each step especialy during rough times..thats why i questioned you 🙂
        its good to see your positive approach and your faith on heaven …i would try to imbibe such quality that is to see good in every situation and to look for deeper meaning rather than questioning divine at each step…….
        wishing you good health and angel blessings ..take care


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