Guardian Angels Watch Over You

The New Age movement has spurred awareness on more than just a thought in one’s beliefs. It has opened vistas to higher consciousness, acute spirituality and heightened awareness of the world beyond what we physically see, hear and feel. Followers reach out to other means of getting guidance in their daily choices. This would range from seeking advice on work, family, love and relationships, and yes, fame and fortune. Psychic readings have become a powerful tool for its supporters; it’s more than just a fad or entertainment, it has become a way of life.

Psychic readings depend heavily on discernment and a well-developed sense of perceptiveness, and one can choose from a wide array of expertise offered by psychic readers. Astrology works best for those who seek the essentials in timing based on the positioning of heavenly bodies. I-ching is based on a primordial Chinese oracle giving spiritual promptings by flinging coins and should give an insight into one’s past, present and future. Tarot reading entails the use of 78 cards and is interpreted in many ways, to gain a deeper understanding of the participant’s life. There are other psychic readings that would translate one’s aura and palm line glimpses on the answers they seek.

Heavenly GuardianAngel readings are another form of psychic reading. It is said that we humans have angel companions and given the opportunity; these heavenly companions provide messages that would give clarity and direction in these troubled times. Angel readings, therefore, are a direct contact with the angels aiding you.

Angel oracle cards are used to communicate with your angel companion. The medium will ask you what questions you would like to ask your angels. During the angel reading, a dialogue with the angels will ensue. This is the opportune time for you to ask specific things you need guidance on. The conversation with your angel also permits you to see strengths and weaknesses. It is gentle guidance on how you can use your talents and gifts in ways that would benefit you and others around you. After the session, you would feel renewed and strengthened and filled with hope. You would feel inspired and have this sense of lightness especially if you are facing difficult times.

One reaps benefits from an angel reading session. Whereas other forms of psychic readings sometimes bring a sense of foreboding, depending much upon the psychic practitioner, angel readings are always a spiritually healing experience. A stronger connection is established with your angel gaining you a natural and pure insight on just about any area in your life whether this be on health, love, relationships, career and spiritual development.


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