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Great news for our Angelic Astrology fans!  Colleen, our in house Angel Astrologer, is now available for astrology readings via Skype.  No matter where you are, Skype can connect you with an astrologer who’s readings are said to be life changing.  To connect with Colleen via Skype, simply schedule an appointment with her and select “Skype” as your calling method.

Colleen will soon be offering a new “Soul Healing” service as well.  Check back for updates on this new service.  🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

Angel Blessings,


“The reading I had with Colleen was so accurate and (I know this is a big statement), but also absolutely life changing. In a very sensitive, kind way she explained and interpreted things that made total sense to me, confirmed my beliefs and reminded me of steps to take to proceed in a mindful, connected way. I am so thankful for her gifts and will make an appointment with her again. I highly recommend an appointment with her! :)”

“My e-mail reading with Colleen was very precise and to the point. She clarified on many issues i have involving relationship patterns, karmic patterns and she validated some situations that needed an expert for clarification. Overall i am extremely grateful, and very impressed with her skills and precision. She is very gifted. Thank you Colleen.”

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