Rev. Colleen is a Heavenly accurate Angelic Astrologer and Spiritual Consultant. She was one of our original Tested and Trusted Angel Messenger Practitioners and is currently a contributing author here at Angel Messenger.

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**Update December 2018** After much consideration, Rev. Colleen and I have decided to discontinue the monthly Angel Astrology articles at this time. These articles take a lot of extra work for both Rev. Colleen and our Angel Messenger staff. We also provide financial resources to bring this article to you every month, though the same information is available in the monthly videos that Rev. Colleen also creates. At this time, Rev. Colleen will continue her weekly and monthly videos, and Angel Messenger does have a page dedicated to those videos here. Rev. Colleen will also be sharing articles on other topics from time to time in our blog. We appreciate your understanding and support. Thank you. :)

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Make a Wish

Magic is in the air when you draw this card! What is it that you desire? What would you like to see happen in your life? This card is telling you to put your intention out there and it will be made manifest.
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The angel, Azure, is letting us know that good things are on the way…..that what we desire is coming into manifestation but the timing may not be quite right.
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Soul Reflections by Rev. Colleen - August 19th

Rev. Colleen gives insight into the Heavenly Energies surrounding us for the week of August 19, 2013.
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A Video Message from Rev. Colleen

Save $80 on Your Soul Healing Session with Rev. Colleen now through August 31st!
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Waves of Prosperity

This card is a symbol of new abundance and exciting opportunities! The mermaid’s wings can take her on a flight to new heights and new directions. She holds the seashell in her receiving hand, magnetizing and attracting the source of all goodness into her life.
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Angelic Astrology – August 2013

Now we enter the month of August, right on the heels of the Grand Sextile (Star of David) we had on July 29th. Energies have been swirling around for the past month and we now get to see where everything stands once the dust has settled.
You've prayed for help, so get out of the way and let Heaven help you
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Accept Heaven's Help

If we just release our prayers and have no expectations, then we could be very pleasantly surprised at what actually comes to us in the way of an answer. God and the Angels know what is in our highest and best interest, even better than we do sometimes. So, as the card says, “Get out of the way and let Heaven help you.”
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Rare Astrological Event - Star of David - Monday, July 29th

This is a lot of energy and a very rare event! It is a Heavenly opportunity!
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Angelic Astrology – July 2013 - Karma & Destiny

Angelic Astrology – July 2013 Karma & Destiny By Rev. Colleen Lemma I am going to start out this month’s Angelic Astrology article with focusing on the numerological energy of July. For this year of 2013, July vibrates to a 13/4.…
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Jupiter Abundance

Jupiter, planet of growth, expansion and abundance is entering the sign of Cancer on Tuesday, June 25th, 2013. Jupiter is very comfortable and happy in Cancer so this should be a very beneficial energy for all!
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A Complete Package for Soul Healing

"My time with Colleen for a soul healing was a complete package in my opinion. She used a combination of tools that really set the stage for helping me have a better perspective on where I am at and where I am going along with clearing out some old energy that I was carrying to lighten my load. I felt as if I made a connection to my higher self and where in the days that followed our visit, I have felt more free and on purpose with not only where I am but where I want to go in my life. Colleen has been a great person to get another perspective based on the tools she uses."
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Colleen's New Service & Special Event: Soul Healing

Soul healing is a combination of hypnotherapy, guided meditation and visualization, remote Reiki energy healing, astrological counseling and working with Angels, Archangels and Healers of the Light.