Bridging the Veil by Rev. Sheri

I thought this a very fitting topic as we are getting closer to Halloween.  Halloween is the one night a year that the veil between our world and the next is at it’s thinnest, especially between midnight and 3am on Halloween night.  I’ve decided to give you a few ideas of how to communicate with your loved ones, but please remember to be responsible … YOU CAN DRAW UNWANTED ENERGIES, IF YOU’RE NOT CAREFUL!  I cannot say enough that contacting spirits is not a game.  Although it makes a fun and festive event during this time of year, I must lovingly and respectfully say, “DON’T BE STUPID!”.  With that said, let’s talk about some ideas …

Angel Communication 101 – This is an article that I wrote some time ago for an online Ezine.  If you have not read it, you might want to.  You’ll learn more about the basic ways to communicate with the other side.  Read the article here.

PROTECT YOURSELF – This is the most important thing you should know!  Whenever dealing with any sort of energy … good, bad, or otherwise … you must protect yourself and your environment.

Steps for Protection:

    1. Create a Sacred Circle of Light. For example, when I do readings, I fill my entire room with white light and call in Archangel Michael to create a protective ring of energy within the light and the room preventing any of the energy from going outside the circle and also prohibiting anything negative from entering.
    2. Call only Higher Light Beings. Call on the Archangels and Ascended Masters for protection and guidance.  Call on the personal Spirit Guides of all who are there to seek information, connection, communication, etc.  Then call ONLY the deceased loved ones who seek ONLY the highest good for their living loved ones.  Breathe deeply and relax into your spiritual center.  Be open to communicating with these higher energies.
    3. Use only white candles. When contacting the spirit realm, it is best to use only white candles for peace, purity, divine guidance, and positive energy.  NEVER USE BLACK CANDLES!
    4. Only ask positive questions. Do not ask when someone is going to die or how you can get back at someone … only a negative energy will answer these types of questions … don’t invite that into your circle!  Ask what’s the best way to handle a situation, or whether or not you will get a new job offer, if you’ll get a raise anytime soon.  (You really shouldn’t ask what your getting for Christmas, either.  Tsk, tsk!)  Anyway, keep it positive.  And remember – advice is only advice … use the gifts God gave you – FREE WILL & COMMON SENSE.
    5. Once your session is completed, thank the energies and release them.
    6. You may notice that you are either really tired after the session or super charged.  Either way, be sure to drink plenty of water and cleanse your own energy.   If you are jittery, or just can’t settle down, put your bare feet and hands as close to the Earth as you can and release the excess energy into the Earth.  (Please read the next section.)
      1. The first option I’ll give you is probably the best, but this will not work for those suffering from asthma or similar sensitivities.  Use the smoke of white sage.  This is something you can purchase at any new age store.  I buy the actual leaves, but you can buy the bundles that also come with other combinations like sage with lavender.  These are nice, but I always burn myself … maybe you’re not as clutsy as me.  🙂  Anyway, you basically use the sage as an incense on yourself and your environment.  Light in on fire (place in a bowl if you’re using the leaves) and blow out the fire leaving the smoking leaves or bundle.  Have a friend use the smoke to cleanse your energy simply by circling you in smoke from head to toe, then do the same for your friend.  Then, be sure to also sage the entire environment.  Even if you only use a specific room, I would still sage the whole house just to be safe.  Oh, watch your smoke detectors!  You may actually want to take out the batteries for this part, but be sure to put them back in when you’re done.
      2. Option two is good for those who can’t do option one.  Basically, your going to do the same idea with white light.  Close your eyes and imagine white light entering in through the top of your head, cleansing all the way through your body, and sending any yucky energy out your fingers and toes.  Breathe in white light and breathe out other energy.  Do the same for your environment with the help of Archangel Michael.  (This is slightly different than what I explained to do for yourself, but this will also work as a method of cleansing yourself.)  Ask Archangel Michael to cleanse the energy of the environment, again the whole house, and imagine him using a vacuum cleaner (yes, you read that right … vacuum cleaner) made of white light.  He is sucking up any gray or darker energy spots in your environment.  This works pretty well, actually.

CLEANSE YOUR ENERGY There are several ways to cleanse energy, but I’ll just go over two very simple methods.  PLEASE BE SURE CLEANSE YOUR ENERGY BEFORE AND AFTER YOUR SESSION!

WAYS TO CONNECT – Okay, now we’ll get to this part.  If you haven’t read the above sections on protection and cleansing, go back and read them now.  (I will know that you didn’t when you call me Nov. 1st saying your house is haunted!  Just kidding … Well, no … actually, I’m not.)

Alright, on with the methods. After following the methods above to prepare your space and call in the appropriate energies, you will be ready to connect and communicate with the other side.  (Please keep in mind that certain loved ones/energies may not wish to come through at this time or they may not be able to for a variety of reasons.  Just like we have to heal after losing a loved one, they have to heal from leaving us behind.  Your loved one might not be ready to come through yet.)  Once your ready, choose a method …

Meditation is a great method to use any time of the year.  Just be sure to use a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.  (Again, be sure to call in the appropriate energies.)  Note anything you see, sense or feel.  You can do this on your own during your session by using a digital recorder or after by taking notes of what you remember.  You can also use other variations such as having a friend sit with you and record what you say.  This can be helpful as they may be able to help guide you into a deeper meditation and help you stay focused by asking you questions about what you see, sense or feel.  Another great variation of meditation is to use automatic writing or drawing.  Write whatever you are thinking about, or write about a problem you’re having and see if you don’t come up with some unique advice while you’re writing.  Drawing or coloring are used the same way.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist or not; you’re art may be something special to you even if you don’t consiously understand it.

Using angel or tarot cards is a very common and helpful way to connect.  Just be sure that you explain to whomever you’re reading for that you are not a professional, unless you are.

Ghost hunting tools like a digital voice recorder or a KII meter are a lot of fun to use.  By asking questions and telling the spirit energy to talk into your recorder, you may be able to play back the recorder and hear something that you couldn’t hear with your physical ears.  The KII meter is a fairly new but extremely cool idea.  It’s actually an EMF (electro magnetic frequency) detector.  I bought one on Ebay from a reputable source about a year ago.  I paid about $97 for mine, but they might be cheaper now, and the one I bought has the special feature of a switch on the side so you don’t have to hold down the button.  Basically, the idea is that you ask the spirit energy to light up the device in a specific way to answer your questions.  It’s a lot of fun to use.  You can find out more about the KII on Chris Fleming’s site.

Of course, the most popular methods for connecting (especially on Halloween) are a good old fashioned seance or a mystical board.  Well, let’s talk about this.  Of all the methods, I believe these are considered to be the most dangerous options mostly because people have been ignorant about the proper way to go about these methods.  Yes, it can be safe to perform a ritual to connect with your loved ones … as long as you pay attention and follow the guidelines I discussed earlier about protection and cleansing.  Remember to cleanse the energy of both those involved and the environment BEFORE beginning the process of connecting.  It’s useful to use a white candle during a seance.  Place it in the middle of the table, and ask the spirit energy to move the flame in a specific way for a specific answer.

When it comes to mystical boards, I prefer the angel board mostly because I trust where I bought mine.  The Ouija board you buy in the store from Parker Bros, or whoever makes it, is not really intended to be a device used for connecting with positive energy.  It is basically considered a game, although many people have used it as otherwise.  I believe intention is a big deal when it comes to working with energy, and I don’t feel the Ouija was created with the right intentions.  Most angel boards are created by spiritually inclined people, and users tend to feel a more spiritually enlightened connection when using this board versus the other.  I currently own both types of mystical boards.  The Ouija sits in by basement collecting dust while my beautiful angel board has a place on my office bookshelf.  You can use either, honestly.  If you have the right intentions, protect your space as you should, and call in only higher light beings, you shouldn’t have a problem.  However, you should also know when and where that board has been used before.

Rev. Sheri is a Spiritual Intuitive and Teacher who works with clients around the world helping them to connect with their own angels, spirit guides and loved ones.  Please visit for more information and Free Online Angel Card Readings.

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