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We are What we Think

We are what we think All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. Speak or act with a pure mind And happiness will follow you As your shadow, unshakeable. How can a troubled mind understand the way? Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own […]


Last night, I watched a movie with my son called “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium”.  I really expected not to like it, but I loved it.  It’s a wonderful story about the magic of believing in yourself.  It’s a wonderful lesson for us all, and I highly recommend it to children and adults alike.  It was […]

Crazy Weekend

Saturday was my son’s 5th birthday, and we had a party for him at Little Caesar’s.  I’ve never seen so many kids in one place; it was packed!  It was great, though.  All the kids had lots of fun.  My little boy picked out his own birthday cake, and we made little gift bags for […]

Personality Test

I thought this was kinda cool … This is a unique personality test. There are only 4 questions but the results are very interesting. I was kind of shocked by what some of my answers meant. Be honest and honor what pops into your mind when the questions present themselves. Just click on the following: […]

Chakra Healing with the Angels

A free meditation to cleanse and balance your seven major Chakras. There’s also a section at the end which will connect you with your own angels on a celestial level. Be sure that you are in a completely relaxed position either lying down or sitting in a way that will be comfortable for about 15 […]

May Energies

We’re finally back with the Angel Moments Podcast.  Get the details on the energies affecting us for May and how you can work with those energies to help manifest positive changes in your connections with Spirit and relationships.

Free Childrens Stories

I’m so happy to say that we now have some free children’s stories on our site. Click here or hit the “stories” button on our site to see the two stories we just added! Have a great day! ~ Sheri 🙂

Great News!

I’m so excited! Our online store is back online, and I have a new Blog set up. I should be able to post Podcasts soon, but everything that I had already uploaded to the old system is gone. So, we get a fresh start I guess, but I’m just happy it’s back up. My wonderful […]